How to take wedding photographs

Since getting married is the most wonderful and joyful moment in the lives of the bride and the groom; Marriage signals a happy reunion between woman and man to lives together in a holy matrimony. Taking wedding photographs does not require any special skills; however it’s a responsible task. Going through this article will help you to grasp the necessary skills to capture good wedding pictures.

You may use any type of camera for shooting wedding pictures. Remember if you are using a film camera or digicam you should stock up on supplies, batteries and plenty of roll films or enough storage space for your digicam to capture hundred of high resolution photographs on this special event.

Tips to enhance the photographs

By following below mentioned tips, one can further enhance the photographs which would be clicked during the wedding ceremony:

  • Understand the functionality of your digital Camera and Learn to Control the Flash.
  • Play with the Macro Mode and Hold the Camera Level with the help of the Tripod stand.
  • Play with the ISO Setting.
  • Have Enough Memory Capacity for taking more photographs with high resolution.
  • Capture half length (above the waist) or Close-up photographs for facial expressions and expose more emotion.
  • Captured full-length photos of magnificence & the beauty of the marriage ceremony dressing, beautiful scenery, and wedding attire.

Capture the couple

Discuss with the bride and the groom on their sense of priorities of taking wedding photographs.  Take a variety of pictures with the couple and shoot the most important events during the wedding. Ask the bride at some point during the wedding if she has thought of any additional images she would like taken.


According to the weather, shoot both inside and outside. Shoot traditional poses where the couple is sharing a hug or sharing a kiss, walking in the Park and holding hands, staring into the distance.


Focus on family

Take photos of the family members of the groom and the bride.

Capture the moment at reception

Shoot the funny moments during the reception to make wedding albums enjoyable. Ones would like to include the cake cutting and speeches, but don’t forget to catch the first dances or the couple simply mingling with guests. This makes the reception memorable with the photos of dancing, group poses, guests and toasts.

I hope this tutorial will help to shoot great digital photos for this memorable day and of course unforgettable event.