Warmify effect in Picasa

Certain types of images can be made to look more natural and beautiful with the help of Warmify effect in Picasa. This effect can be more effective for images containing mountains and also for deserts. The change can be easily brought in the image with the help of Google’s Picasa.

First of all, launch Picasa in your desktop. Select the image for which the Warmify effect is to be applied. Selection can be easily done by browsing through the images listed. Double click to select the image. Now, the selected image will be displayed in a new window.

Select the ‘Effects’ option from the Picasa. It can be found at the left side of the window. 10 options will be displayed under the Effects. Select the Warmify option from these effects. Once the selection is made, the image will be changed automatically.

Then right click on the image and select the ‘save’ option from the drop down menu.

You can see the difference between the unedited picture and the edited one below.