Create Beautiful Memories of your Wedding using Wedding Album Maker

Wedding Album Maker (WAM) is shareware software using which you can create beautiful and professional slide-shows of your wedding pictures that too along with custom back ground music created by you and mind blowing transition effects. After creating the show you can watch the show along with your family members and friends on your TV that too in the comfort of your living room.

System Requirements

  • Pentium II or IBM compatible computer
  • Ram 32MB or more
  • 20MB Hard drive space.
  • VGA (Super) Monitor containing 256 color
  • CDROM drive having speed greater than 2X
  • IE 5.0 or higher


This software enables you to create amazing photo albums of your wedding along with transitions, music and DVD menu too. After creating you album you can directly burn the albums to CD or DVD without any special CD or DVD burning software like NERO etc. This application contains 260 inbuilt transition effects. This application also supports Clip Art so that you can add some amazing effects to your show. Multiple photo album collection can also be created by you so that you can store all your photos and retrieve them any time you want and can watch them with the slide show you created it with. The slide show stored on the CD or the DVD can be watched using any standard CD or DVD player. Output formats such as MPEG2, MPEG1, MP4, MPEG4, iPod, 3GP, PSP, XVid, AVI, and FLV. Video formats such as ANRCHOS, iRIVER PMP 100, ZEN VISION, My Space, and You Tube.


  • Using this software does not require any relevant experience.
  • It can also be called All in one Wedding Photo Album Maker
  • Uses BURN PROOF technique in CD burning which makes the burning process more robust.
  • Contains very beautiful and lovely music transfer effects.
  • You can also add the custom music composed by you as background music. As customization of music and transition effects is possible so almost infinite option for selection is available.
  • Provides the greatest format for resolution on your TV set so the photo on TV looks great.
  • Contains Hollywood style professional DVD templates.
  • You can also apply text and clip art to the slide show for more amazing effects.

Wedding Album Maker

Image 1- Opening Page of WAM

Wedding Album Maker

Image 2 - Organize Menu Available

Wedding Album Maker

Image 3 - Create menu available

Wedding Album Maker is easy to use and you can easily share your memorable wedding moments with friends and family forever. It saves you a lot of money too.