Marketing Tips For Efficient Photography Promotion

The best form of marketing for any industry is also the most affordable: word of mouth.  Artists, in this case, photographers, find that the better they are, the less they have to advertise because prior customers tend to spread the word to their friends, and so on.  Additionally, there is a preconceived notion outside of the artistic community that if a photographer is forced to advertise by conventional means, then that person must not be as talented as photographers customers have “heard” about.

Photographic artists are forced to find less publicized and conventional means of getting people “talking” about them.  Social media is an obvious way, but not conducive to creativity.  The best way a photographer can get their name out is to use some of the more practical and unobtrusive means of advertising, that most customers wouldn’t classify as true advertisement.  The main goal of such forms of advertising is for the photographer to get his or her name out in the public social circles.

The Reliable Business Cards 

One would think that artists would have fantastic business cards, and in all fairness, some do, but many don’t even bother having one.  This is an opportunity to pass out samples of photographs, which can turn into a conversation about the photo, which can lead to a job opportunity.

One idea to get work noticed is to use photographs on business cards.   Even if it doesn’t lead to a job from the person who received the business card, they should remember the conversation about the card and pass the information along to anyone in need of a photographer.  If the card is nice, it adds to the probability that the person will not throw it away, as well as showing it to other people.

The Final Product:  Include Prints

Most photographers use digital media to present their photo proofs to customers.  That is a good idea, but, depending on the customer, including printed proofs with the digital proofs might end up more beneficial.  Business people or technological companies do not have the time or desire to see all of their proofs printed.  

Busy mothers, however, do not have the time to sit at their computer and peruse hundreds of digital images.  Just the opposite, they would rather see their children in prints that can be taken to parties or meetings and shown to other mothers.  These mothers, if in need of a photographer, will be able to see work samples, as well as getting the group talking about the photos and the person who took them.  Remember, word of mouth is the best and cheapest marketing tool.

Packaging Is The First Thing To Be Noticed

Use packaging of the proofs as a vehicle to further customers notice of other artistic abilities in addition to photography.  The packaging of the photographs and CD will be the first thing the customer sees, so use creative techniques to print labels for the CD, as well as ensconcing it and the photographs in something more meaningful than a plastic envelope or paper folder.  The care a photographer takes with packaging also tells the customer, via actions, how much he or she is appreciated.  

Along with great printed proofs, receiving the CD should be a highlight to a customer’s day, so put some thought into the impression the packaging will make.

Personalize Gift Cards or Vouchers

As a photographer, another service that can be offered is personalizing gift cards or something of that nature.  Offer the service to the family or friends of the children in the picture and print out cards with a touching quotation and some personalization.  

Generally, such gifts are given at parties and the touching personalized gift will catch the interest of the other people at the party, and it will turn into another free advertising venue.  Put the personalized, emotional cards in a well thought out package and it shows customers proof of thought and care that goes into the services provided.  Also, this is the perfect opportunity to add some of the fantastic business cards in the envelope of the gift or the proof package.  

The people at the party will, no doubt, receive the cards and remember who they will call when in need of an excellent, thoughtful photographer.