A Photographer’s Heaven – A World of Imaging (Photokina 2010)

Photokina 2010 is the biggest trade fair in the business where everyone that likes taking pictures or filming can get together and discus the latest gadgets. It is an event that takes place every year in Cologne, Germany in September 21-26. Amateurs and professionals world wide wait all year to see what the biggest camera producers come up with and the wait is very worth it.

Photographers come here to present their latest work and also admire the latest thing in the photography. 2010 was all about the 3D experience and this business is never far behind when it comes to the latest technologies and trends. A special area called “World of 3D at Photokina” will show visitors what the future will be like in photography and will give them a chance to experience photos and films in three dimensions.

Manufactures like Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic and Sony will unveil their latest DSLR and system cameras as well as unique digital equipment giving fans the opportunity the get up to date with the latest creations. 3D support will be available for digital compact cameras as well as advanced panorama shooting and HDR capabilities and many other ground breaking additions. These are complemented by a large number of accessories that make Photokina 2010 the biggest event for both amateurs and professional photographers.

Photokina 2010

Photokina 2010

As technology keeps advancing, cameras are becoming more and more efficient and it seems like that classic camera with flashy gunpowder is very far away and the future is full of surprises. Cameras are revolutionized each year and every aspect improves and makes taking photos easier but also makes the results outstanding. The way we take photos, process them, store and use the images will change this year as the best DSLR and system camera manufactures will show off their latest creations. Things that seemed impossible a few years back now are achievable as we overcome more and more technological obstacles.

Nowadays, we can take photos and videos, view the results, process, store and share them using just one camera. The same device can be used to do a variety of things that makes everything much easier and more accessible. Not only the hardware helps in this department but also the software that has evolved in a great way and is now much more easy to use and the results keep overwhelming us each year. The speed these cameras work with is unbelievable and they guarantee that the user never loses a good moment and capture it in a crisp picture or in HD movies.

Photokina and 3D

Cinemas are filled with 3D fans that simply can’t get enough of the new way of seeing films. This technology has reached living rooms all around the world as digital cameras and camcorders can now record 3D in high quality. These cameras are very popular and new benchmarks will surely be set at this year’s Photokina. Panasonic has managed to stand out from the great line up of manufactures with the new G Micro System camera and Sony follows closely with the NEX camera; both cameras will be showcased with the latest 3D additions.

Photokina is the biggest trade fair that attracts photographers from all around the world with unique unveils and beautiful presentations. It can be considered to be unique due to the big size of this event but also due to the fact that it is the only event that offers a comprehensive presentation of everything in the business. 1372 companies will make their presence and there are more than 170.000 visitors from all over the world that will come to see what is new in this great industry.

Check the homepage of Photokina at www.photokina-cologne.com.