A Brand New Addition From Samsung – The NX100

The NX100 is the latest camera added to the NX series of mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. If you are familiar with the NX10, you will be happy to know that this new model has the same 14.6 MP sensor and also the same 3.0 inch OLED screen.

The body is compact and very fashionable providing a good handle and also maximum efficiency. To make things even better, Samsung has also launched two lenses that are compatible with the i-Function feature. This will make it possible for you to use the focus ring to control different camera functions. These lenses are the 20-25mm F3.5-5.6 ED kit zoom and 20mm F2.8 pancake lens.

Samsung NX100 - mirrorless camera

The i-Function lens is a new addition by Samsung that makes the NX100 the first mirrorless camera that is equipped with this great feature. It makes it possible to have control of every aspect of the camera while shooting; it revolutionized the way we use and control our camera.

As you well know, Samsung doesn’t stop there and is always looking for ways to come up with unique cameras that are set to dominate the industry. The mirrorless camera category is not an exception as we see the new NX100. The thing that makes it unique is that in many ways, Samsung has put everything it knows in this compact good looking camera; more than one components are produced by Samsung in full. The good news continues as Samsung also produced a whole range of lens and accessories compatible with the NX100 so that amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy this camera in all types of conditions from sunny to poor light having the control they need right at their fingertips.

Very fast autofocus

The NX100 has the same APS-C size sensor that was available for the first time in the NX10 when Samsung shook the photography industry and not only changed the way millions take pictures but also changed the standards for future models. Now, with the unveil of the NX100, we see how Samsung plans on taking it one step further both in design and in technology. It has one of the fastest AF available on the market today, if not the fastest. This is a great feature to have at all times and it will make sure that no moment is wasted when taking pictures, not to mention that it also has an ISO that can now reach 6400 action shots.

Samsung NX100

Samsung NX100

One look at the NX100 is enough to see that it is very attractive and the curved body makes it very easy to handle. Once you take in your hands, you will soon notice that is very lightweight and can be easily carried whenever you are on the move no matter the occasion.

Recording audio with Samsung NX100

Normal lenses are not really designed to control the settings when taking pictures and Samsung is keen on changing that. The i-Function lens is a way for the lens to communicate with the camera and adjust the settings at the wish of the user. The lens has a button that is used to scroll manually through the settings and a focus ring to change parameters. Options like shutter speed, aperture, EV, ISO can easily be changed by using the i-Function button and ring.

The NX100 is not just good at taking pictures; it can also record HD movies at 720p. Other great features are the Sound Picture which can be used to record audio when taking pictures as well as a supersonic dust reduction feature that can remove any dust particles from the lens before the user even starts shooting. This is a great feature, especially when using different lens and changing them regularly.

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