Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8: Technology Update in Telephoto Zoom Lens

Today we are going to talk about the large aperture telephoto zoom lens that incorporates Sigma’s original Optical Stabilizer function. We will try not to get too technical this type and just mention a few things that this gadget can do and we will start by saying that it measures 70mm to 200mm and it can offer a constant F2.8. The optical stabilizer is great and it offers speeds 4 stops slower. The difference can be seen very quickly and it makes shooting easy all types of photography and this of course includes portraits and sports.

The lens are really cutting age and they include two F low dispersion glass elements and three special low dispersion glass elements and for those of you who don’t know what this means, let’s just say that it will correct color aberration in a great way and you will no longer have to worry about that aspect. As far as flare and ghosting goes, the super multi layer coating will reduce them greatly thus offering crisp pictures. The lens also includes a Hyper Sonic Motor that will make sure that the AF as well as the manual focus is as quiet as possible. As an option which needs to be mentioned, you can also attach Sigma’s optional APO Tele Converters if you are interested.

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 with Optical Stabilizer and two modes

The lens is great for handheld photography and it offers the Optical Stabilizer function which is created by Sigma which also makes telephoto easy with great speeds. There are two modes which you can select depending on what you want to shoot; mode 1 is for normal and general things while mode 2 is more for panning subjects.

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8

You don’t have to worry about connecting it to a Sony or Pentax mount that has anti shack feature build in because the OS function will still be available for usage but will not function with DSLR cameras that do no support HSM. The lens can easily verify accurate focus and so make sure that nothing is moving while you take a picture, you will no longer get a shaded effect but just pristine and crisp pictures.

You don’t have to worry about the size of the of the lens because this is pretty compact and it only measures 86.4mm in diameter and a total weight of 1,440g . This makes for it to be great for almost any kind of photography and it is always good to have it around when you need it because it will defiantly come in handy very often.

Optical performance of Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8

The optical performance is of course perfect and as I said earlier it is thanks to the different types of glass elements that it contains and you can always be sure to get perfect looking pictures as ghosting or shading is not even a problem for this great large aperture telephoto zoom lens.

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8

Some lens may be a bit noisy when it comes to the high speed AF or even manual focus but you should have no problem with the HSM offered by Sigma which will always make sure for a quiet focus no matter how or what kind it may be. The lens have an inner focusing as well as an inner zooming system and so the length of the lens will not change as you focus or as you zoom and so you will find it to be much more comfortable and also, this inner system will remove front lens rotation. Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8 does have a minimum focusing distance of almost 140cm and this can be found within the whole zoom range.

So if you are looking to purchase a lens for you camera, make sure you consider the large aperture telephoto zoom lens that incorporates Sigma’s original OS function.