Snapshot Modes Off! Learn To Take Customize Your Photography Modes

This day an age of cameras there are literally 100’s of features available. Most offer fully automatic settings so that the photographer simply clicks the shutter button. This allows amateurs to take reasonably good pictures. It is important to note however if you are looking at getting high-end photos you need to go beyond these auto settings.

Let us have a look at various camera settings and features. Most digital cameras that have built in lends are designed for ease of use and low instructional requirement. This is great for understanding, but is not without limitations.

Almost all cameras not come with some sort of monitor in the back, most LCD/HD. This provides the picture taker with a convenient look at what shot they are getting. We have all seen the photographer holding the camera way out in front of their face trying to view the screen, what happens here most of the time is the shot is great from a framing perspective but the shots can be grainy or blurry as a result of holding the camera with one hand and at odd angles.

All of the cameras these days come with a rather large Menu option. It is here that you are able to change certain setting on your camera. I would be willing to bet that 75% of people do not even understand these settings nor would they even bother to touch them.

Most people are unaware of what White Balance, ISO, Compensation, Aperture, or f/stops even are. Another important one that all camera owners need to be aware of is the JPEG sizing, having it set too high will not only fill the memory cards, but will affect how your printouts can be managed.

One aspect that I really like about these newer version cameras is the wide-angle options with auto focus capability. The wide area (AF) option is fine for most, but you cannot be sure on what exactly the camera is focusing in on.

In the old days, photographers needed to be careful that they were getting good shots. They had to pay to print each shot. Now days, we can shoot till our hearts desire. This great as you can experiment, and try new things. You can sit back and shoot away at everything that interests you. We also now have the ability to shoot many shots in concession. It is important to realize that some cameras do not have the ability or will take poor shots if they are continuously snapping away, the shutter stays open longer and can affect the aperture.

Another big thing today with the computer era is software. Numerous computer software programs out there will allow photographers to enhance and even fabricate aspects of their shots. Photoshop is likely the most popular in use today. It is a great tool for fixing problems, clarity, and the over all look of the image.

If you are looking at getting away from the simple, snap and shoot photography that you are use too. There are many options out there for you to learn what makes your camera work, and how to take exceptional pictures. Take time to learn what your camera is capable of and how each setting works. Best of all just experiment with your camera.