Taking photos for Real Estates

If you are marketing a home of yours or others so taking good images of the estate is the most important part. Many of the internet sites which deals in real estates has a requirement for good images of the estate and they require the photos in jpegs, as photo is a tool with which you can make the person curious for the estate if the person is potential buyer. In a survey taken in last year 80 percent of the real estate deals were due to internet. Also the dealers stated that the photo played the important role in the deals. So following article will be helpful for taking good picture of the real estates you are dealing in.  


The Procedure 

1] Taking the photos of real estate doesn’t require you to spend a fortune on camera. Only a camera with 3-4 Mega Pixel is sufficient. As we all know the images on the internet are of 72 DPI resolutions only, so don’t make the picture huge. 480 * 320 is the standard size. No SLR’s with high resolutions and shutter speed are required. I will suggest you Kodak Point and Shoot is sufficient. Also there is no requirement for costly photo editor. Even MS Digital Pro photo editor will do. Investing in cameras and photo editors is good for agents, only the condition that they must be familiar with all the features of camera they are using.

2] Choosing the right time of day is important. According to opinion of some experts overcast day is better option. If bright day with lots of sunshine is chosen then you image will look over exposed. So choosing evening time or early morning times is a better option. If the exterior of home is been taken then, open all the shades and also turn the inside light on. If the camera have night time setting turn it on too. Don’t take the photo from the front side if the sunlight is from backside. Taking the photo from different angles will help to expose all the features of photos.    

3] In case of exterior remove all the distraction if possible. No cars or any garbage cans must be seen in the way. Also avoid the power line; it should not be included in the photo. For getting richer color wash down the blacktop and the concrete. Also the inclusion of neighbor house is a good idea. It will help to give you some good idea of the locality around. Also don’t include any person in the photo. 

4] Choose a good angle. Shooting the front from a dead center is a bad idea. Take a little cornerwise shot. If you have a requirement to stand up on your car for getting the perfect angle, don’t hesitate to do so.  


5] If you are taking the landscape view, then the photo of Lake Shoreline and other natural things must not be positioned across the middle of the photo. Place them in third of way up from bottom or down from top. 

6] While taking the photo of special feature of home, the feature must not be at the dead centre in the snap. Keep it slight to off centre side. 

7] In the interior photos everything sitting out must be removed. Things such as can openers, flour canister, towels, rags of kitchen, toasters, dish soap etc, must be removed. Also remember to remove the personal photo if present on the wall or table. If there is sun coming from the windows don’t include that window in the photo. The light must be turned on, and all the stuff hanging on the refrigerator must be removed. 

8] If fish eye is present remove that using the photo editor. 

9] Important: Displaying of too many photos is not a good option. Just submit one or two with 10-12 mediocre one. If there are rooms which look small should not be include them. Taking the photo of toilet and bedroom is not a good idea. Also avoid the corners which are empty.   


So for getting a good offer for your real estate, or to get the attention of customer images of real estates plays a very important role. So before trying a hand on just take a look at the above article discussed.