How to take photographs of food

Food photography is not an easy task and is a difficult ability for a photographer to learn. Following things should be known to the photographer before the food is being photographed:

  1. To have knowledge of light,
  2. Different angles of a camera,
  3. And the nature of the food

The lighting and all the other photographic elements should be turned on before taking the pictures of food because the food looks unappetized if these factors are not taken into the consideration.

The texture and color of food before taking the photos of food

The two things people are basically associated with food are taste and color of the food. Since these two cannot by stimulate by photography the photographer have to depend on other features such as presentation and color of the food.

Photos should be taken at a close range if the photographer has to include these features. The texture of the food differs from one food to other food, the photographer should look at the most dominating texture of the particular food. If one is photographing ice creams one focus on the smooth texture. If the photographer is taking texture into the consideration then the snaps taken by him will be many times better than the snaps taken by the photographer who is not taking this feature into consideration.

The background of the food should match the color of the food so as to obtain better photographs.

Various purposes of taking pictures of food:

The various purposes of taking pictures of food are as follows:

  • Advertisement of the product
  • Packaging of food
  • Booklets etc.

There are specific rules for food photography. Pictures of food should look as realistic as possible, before taking the pictures of the food packaging and food photography. The photographs should be more artistic and creative if it is for the purpose of in order to present it in the best possible way. Photographers should make the food look more delicious, if it is for the purpose of featuring in the magazine.

In spite of professional photography one can continue enjoying the photography.

The angle and focus of the camera should be well adjusted in order to take the best photography

The photographs taken at close range looks better than those taken from the longer distance. Drawing attention to the food, by keeping the food in focus and the background out of focus F-stops of four to five with an ISO of 200 features should be included in the camera. The Tripod should be used by the photographer if he is taking close-up kind of work.

To give illusion of three dimensions the pictures of meals should be shooted at an angle. The upper the angle the shorter the food will appear. If the photographer is shooting from below, he should aim for an angle between 45? and 10? Below the table.

Some tips for the photographer taking photos on the road

Day light is the friend of a photographer for taking good photos.

  • Rather than shooting the plate above directly, put it a bit away to get a better overview. With the help of automatic camera options food can be focused in a better way by doing so. There should be a focus on at least on a small part of your plate in order to seek a better photograph.
  • For indoor photos the flash should never ever be used in order to take better photographs. The food looks awful in many cases even if the adjustments are not made. The flash-light will not be as better as underexposed in certain cases, and these can be adjusted in adobe Photoshop or some photo editing software.
  • Put your plate a bit away from you to get a better overview, rather than shooting it from directly above. This also helps to focus on the food better with the automatic camera options. It's most important to keep at least a portion of your plate in focus.
  • The tripod or bipod should be used in order to take the long exposures in lower light conditions. By using a tripod or a bipod the camera will be steady which helps in taking better photographs.
  • If the table decorations are beautiful one should not forget one should not forget to shoot it because it helps to a good background.
  • One should not be satisfied by taking just one photograph as repentance increases the chances of having the best out of many or bunch.

Some tips for food photographers

There are five best simple helpful tips, here are two of those: take appropriate time required to shoot. Selecting white color or a piece of cloth helps the photographer very much in taking better snaps.

By using a tripod or a stabilizer one can shoot a better snaps as it has a perfect balance by using the tripod. Without the use of tripod or a stabilizer the photos taken by the photographer will be blur.

One take better photographs of food by taking all the precautions mentioned above.

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