A Better Point Of View: Sigma SD1

It was about time we heard something from Sigma and the release of the SD1 digital SLR camera is exactly what we need. To get started, it has a 46 MP 24x16mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor.

The interesting fact that first pops out is the body that is fully weather resistant thanks to the magnesium alloy body with O-ring sealing connections that make this camera perfect for any weather, even in very harsh conditions and wet atmosphere.

In combination with the 46 MP sensor Sigma has featured this camera with a dual TRUE II processing engines that make for high resolution pictures to be processed fast and have high definition details and a subtle graduation of color. The TRUE processor stands for Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine and it is one of Sigma’s jewels.

The sigma SD1 is perfect for amateur photographers but it also meets the requirements of more experienced professional photographers. It can be used in almost any condition and the processor makes sure that the results come as fast and as perfect as possible. The image sensor guarantees that the SD1 can capture all primary RGB colors at every pixel location so that the pictures have a complete plate of colors.

The use of the three silicon layers of photo detectors gives the SD1 the ability to detect the main three lights, red, green and blue. This way, the camera can reproduce each color with an incredible accuracy and make the resolution sharper for clearer and outstaying image quality. This is where Sigma shows off their true talent being one step ahead of some of the biggest manufacturers on the market.

Sigma SD1

Sigma SD1

A professional amongst others, the SD1 features a dual TRUE II image processing engine that makes it faster and more precise than before. This is a unique feature that makes for high resolution power and it can also shoot pictures with very rich graduated tones. As far as the autofocus goes, this has an 11 point twin cross sensor with great accuracy and perfect for professionals.

The body seems to be quite handy and easy to use having all of the buttons in reach so that users don’t have to waste any time when the shoot. It is lightweight but yet resistant especially designed for unpleasant weather conditions and it can really take a beating and still work at high standards. O-ring sealing connections are found at every button and this can prevent water or dust from getting in the body and creating big problems.

The back of the camera shows off the 3.0 inch TFT color monitor as well as some shortcut buttons. The LCD monitor has a 460.000 pixel resolution and it can be viewed from a wide angle thus making it easy to shoot from a difficult angle. The SD1 adopts the Type I CF Card and it is compatible with the UDMA; this makes it possible for it to process large amounts of data at fast speeds.

To show off the diversity of the camera, the SD1 can be used with more than 40 Sigma lenses that can vary from ultra-wide to macro and even fisheyes with a great number of features designed exclusively by Sigma such as the Optical Stabilizer function.

The new Sigma SD1 is a much expected SLR camera that is not only very practical having a tight body that can be used in almost any weather condition but it is also a technological breakthrough with features that make it perfect for any photographer and it can surely meet even the most demanding requirements. It can provide crisp images with a quick processing time and the results are definitely something special.