Taking photos

Would you like to take photo of moon, night sky, wild animals, courtyard, jewellery, your friends, children or yourself? We have useful tips for you how to do that.

Insect Photography - 3 Important Tips

Insect macro photography is one of my favorite because there are an almost infinite number of willing subjects at my disposal and that they look so far out when shot up close. I never get tired of busting out my macro lens and capturing the eyes and wings of an insect. It puts the world of the insect into perspective.

An Exercise In Observation To Enhance Your Photographs

The following is a short, fifteen minute exercise for photographers that should help them slow down, and put thought into their shots before capturing any images.

Marketing Tips For Efficient Photography Promotion

The best form of marketing for any industry is also the most affordable: word of mouth.  Artists, in this case, photographers, find that the better they are, the less they have to advertise because prior customers tend to spread the word to their friends, and so on.  Additionally, there is a preconceived notion outside of the artistic community that if a photographer is forced to advertise by conventional means, then that person must not be as talented as photographers customers have “heard” about.

Useful Tips For iPhone Photography – 10 Incredibly Useful Tips

The iPhone has inspired some people to take up photography since the camera in the phone is a quality camera with several functions that can be found on regular digital cameras.

Understanding Basic Lighting Techniques – Window Light

If a tight budget does not allow for expensive lighting equipment, consider window light as an excellent and free alternative that can result in the same effect.  When considering what a large window, look at it as a large softbox that diffuses light.

Understanding Single Point Photography – Composition Techniques

One of the most common types of composition used in photography consists of a single point of interest.  It is so basic that some photographers take it for granted; assuming basic is equivalent to simple and unimportant.

Camera Shutter Speeds – Important Notes (Part 2)

With the advent of high-speed photography, objects in motion can be represented in photographs in interesting ways previously not seen, due to limitations of cameras, as well as human beings.  The best time to snap the photograph is when the subject is moving at its slowest.  This is not as easy as it seems since it must be timed perfectly in order to capture the desired image.  Fortunately, there is a way to get around this possible problem that is not difficult to properly execute.

Camera Shutter Speeds – Important Notes (Part 1)

Most photographers know that the shutter speed on a camera can regulate exposure, but it also can be used as a creative tool to add interest to images. It can do many things in order to convey messages through photographs.

365 Days of Photography Ahead of You – Photo Project Ideas for 2012 (Part 2 : Nature Photography)

In the first part we discussed a little bit about portraits and self-portraits and how those can make the subject of some wonderful photo project ideas for your 2012. However, some of us are more keen at looking at the timeless beauty of nature rather than having to ask people to pose for us.

365 Days of Photography Ahead of You – Photo Project Ideas for 2012 (Part 1 : Portraits and Self-Portraits)

With the holidays behind us and all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions ahead of us, most of us plan for completing those particular tasks.

Winter Photography Notes: Using A Camera During The Cold Season

There are many wonderful photographic opportunities during the winter season. Digital photography in extreme temperatures, in this case extreme cold, can perpetuate several problems if certain rules are not followed. Winter is a beautiful time, and should be timelessly captured in well thought out images, so heed the following tips and let the artist shine through.

High-Key Photography – Digital Photography Techniques

Here's one interesting note - as I was looking through a couple of older (pre-1960s) photography journals, I realized there was a certain obsession with acquiring a full range of tones - there was this incredible trend of always having everything done on the rules.

Bridal Photography: What’s So Different From The Bride’s Point Of View

Choosing the correct photographer for what is constantly touted as the most important day of a woman's life is important because the photographs will be second only to memories in reliving that special day. For the most part, the success of the wedding photographs is out of the hands of the bride, but there are a few things the bride-to-be can do to ensure proper photographs for the sake of posterity.

The Mona Lisa Smile: Learning From Art To Improve Photography

Modern day portrait photographers have all of technology at their disposal, but there are still things to learn from the past. Specifically, there are techniques that can be of particular use when studying some of the past's most famous portraits. Namely, DaVinci's Mona Lisa has several secrets to share, as her sly smile suggests.

Environmental Portraits: Why Adding More Substance Is Relevant

Studio shoots might seem overtly simplified, but in theory, most photographers will prefer an environmental photo-shoot to a studio shoot for several reasons. The least of which being the subjects more comfortable in an environment that is familiar, and possibly has a more relaxed atmosphere as well.