Taking photos

Would you like to take photo of moon, night sky, wild animals, courtyard, jewellery, your friends, children or yourself? We have useful tips for you how to do that.

Product Photography

Thumbing through a magazine you turn a page and there is a delicious looking sandwich, or a scrumptious looking seafood dinner. You find yourself practically tasting the food by simply looking at the photo. This is product photography.

How to take Professional Baby Photos

Babies are the most precious little creatures in our lives. We bask in the light of their smiles, we forget the cares of the world and are reminded each time we see them that there is something in the world more important than ourselves. These busy little people seem to always be on the move only still when they sleep. They have moods the same as the rest of us, they are just a little bit harder to pin point. This makes taking those wonderful baby photos we love a little tricky.

How to take Photos in Direct Sunlight

How to take Photos in Direct Sunlight

There are photography tools that help utilize light. We have polarizing filters, lens hoods, and spot metering. Almost anyone who takes photographs has experienced the problem of photos being too dark or having glare. Extremely bright sunlight can exasperate this problem.

Panoramatic photography

Panoramic photography is a type of photography which aims at creating images with exceptionally broad fields of view. Panoramic photography is as ancient as photography itself. Joseph Puchberger was the first one to submit recorded patents for a panoramic camera in 1843 in Austria.

How to take photographs of food

Food photography is not an easy task and is a difficult ability for a photographer to learn. Following things should be known to the photographer before the food is being photographed:

  1. To have knowledge of light,
  2. Different angles of a camera,
  3. And the nature of the food

The lighting and all the other photographic elements should be turned on before taking the pictures of food because the food looks unappetized if these factors are not taken into the consideration.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed can be defined as a length of time required for a shutter to be opened; in this the total exposure is directly proportional to the interval of light reaching images or film sensor. The shutter speed can also be defined as the amount of time the shutter is kept opened.The upper diaphragm of a lens big or small values and timing of the shutter curtain. These two perform the work of regulating the light entered in to the camera and exposed.

Features and Functionality of ISO

ISO sensitivity will express the amount of speed in photographic negative material. ISO Sensitivity varies from ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 or equivalent. It denotes the sensitivity of the picture sensor to the total light present. If you want to take photographs where there is less light you should increase the ISO speed, it is more sensitive to the photo sensor.

Improving your Images: Tips to Enhance your Nature Photography

It seems like everyone today has a digital camera that they carry around to snap photos here and there. Often the photographer seldom gives a second thought to what they are shooting. It's just snap and go. Here are a few tips to help you get better results when photographing landscape and scenic shots.

How to take food photographs

Are you a Food Lover or a cook?? Then this article will definitely help you a lot. When you view any food pictures your mouth starts watering then you feel like eating same dish. You can make your owns delicious Food Recipe Book by taking photographs of whatever you have prepared.

How to take Photos in the Snow

When we think about winter what strikes in our head is snow. Snow falls in most parts of the world. In winter, the skies are blue and crisp. Ice and snow offers many chances to take abstract and close-up images. Snowstorms are attractive and snow left after the storm is wonderful to take photographs. Winter is a good time for Photographers where they can get in action to take lovely, tricky Photographs.

How to take wedding photographs

Since getting married is the most wonderful and joyful moment in the lives of the bride and the groom; Marriage signals a happy reunion between woman and man to lives together in a holy matrimony. Taking wedding photographs does not require any special skills; however it’s a responsible task. Going through this article will help you to grasp the necessary skills to capture good wedding pictures.

How to work in a directional trendy way with light and shadows?

Is there any other better and easy way to add drama and dimensions to your photographs? The way you can add depth is a conundrum which can be resolved by adding light and shadows! Not only can one enhance the ambience of the photograph but also turn it into an interpretive work of art. One can really then explore the art of photography as not just a medium of documentation but an art to really indulge into! It is the play of drama the depth that talks of the hidden story behind photos, it generates the emotions and expressions what a photographer wants to speak out through his piece of art.

How to take photographs of Panorama

In photography no art is easy, if you want to take good photographs of any subject you have to first master that art. Same is case with Panorama photography. It is not just clicking any natural scenery which looks good. But you have to take care of each and every nook and corner, from lighting to camera rotation is to taken into consideration. Described below are some of important tips that will help you for good outcome.

How to take pictures of Flowers

Flowers have so far been the most fascinating creations of Mother Nature. The variety of their shapes, colors, and even smells has enchanted us for centuries now! Says the most famous writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson: Earth laughs in flowers! Thus flowers are definitely the most exciting and experimental subjects while photography. Not only are we attracted by its form and colors, there is whole lot of innovation of geometry, textures, hues and fragrances within its elements. Further more going into details, its seasonal variations too are eye catching.

How to click photographs of cityscapes

Another passionate kind of photography is clicking cityscapes! While clicking appealing cities, one may find it very opportune to travel with minimum amount of accessories. Just carrying a point-and-shoot device will enable you to give attention to compositions and permit you to respond more spontaneously to awesome photo chances. It advisable to use the camera’s zoom at its widest setting to get wide views.