Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8: Technology Update in Telephoto Zoom Lens

Today we are going to talk about the large aperture telephoto zoom lens that incorporates Sigma’s original Optical Stabilizer function. We will try not to get too technical this type and just mention a few things that this gadget can do and we will start by saying that it measures 70mm to 200mm and it can offer a constant F2.8. The optical stabilizer is great and it offers speeds 4 stops slower. The difference can be seen very quickly and it makes shooting easy all types of photography and this of course includes portraits and sports.

The Nikon Lenses Round-Up: The 85mm f1.4, the 24-120mm f4 and the 28-300 VR

In case you didn’t get it from the title, today we are going to talk about lenses. These are not just any lenses but the latest thing offered by Nikon as a sweet addition to your DSLR. All three lenses are compatible to Nikon FX format digital SLR cameras and promise to offers superior image quality as well as performance.

Introducing Nikon D3100 a.k.a. The DSLR With Real Video Autofocus

Nikon has announced the release of the new D3100 DSLR camera that has already won the hearts of digital SLR fans but has also won over countless photographers by providing a better and clearer way to follow their passion. This camera is quite easy to use and can be considered as the affordable Nikon; and trust me, it is a true Nikon.

Snapshot Modes Off! Learn To Take Customize Your Photography Modes

This day an age of cameras there are literally 100’s of features available. Most offer fully automatic settings so that the photographer simply clicks the shutter button. This allows amateurs to take reasonably good pictures. It is important to note however if you are looking at getting high-end photos you need to go beyond these auto settings.

Five Steps to Better Landscape Photography

If you are just starting out with landscape photography, you are going to make many mistakes early on, and chances are you will be asking yourself “What am I doing wrong?” Here are five simple rules for landscape photography, which can help any beginner to get better results more quickly.

Your Nikon Guide: What’s So Special About The Nikon D3000

After our short Coolpix guide, it seemed quite natural to discuss about the DSLR sector from Nikon. Obviously, we cannot cover all their DSLRs with one single article, therefore I will go for each model in its own separate page – and today we shall discuss about their entry-level DSLR, the D3000.

A "Cool" Nikon Guide: A Coolpix Guide To Be More Precise

Okay, summer’s here – no doubt about it, most of us already noticed the heat and the feeling that we need to go on a vacation soon. The credit crunch made it impossible for most of us to go exactly where we would have wanted to go this summer, but hey, it’s still going to be a blast.

Amateur Wedding Photography – It Has To Start Somewhere!

If you are looking to become a professional wedding photographer, you need to be selective as to the information you gather. I have read many online tips and viewed numerous websites that provide advice. For the most part none of these are what I call professional, and to be honest most have zero professionalism with regard to the process. This is a very special day for the couple. The photos need to be sequential and care taken when capturing the important shots.

Landscape Photography – Tips and Tricks for the Professional Landscape Photographer

In this article, we will discuss some easy tricks and tips for landscape photography. A professional landscape photographer has the ability to grasp the environment in still. The use of a wide-angle lens and use of appropriate settings will capture a great shot.

Before You Go Out In The Field - Essential Photography Rules - Part 2

While in the first part of this short article series we barely covered a small introduction to Photography tricks, within this part, we will cover most of what you should know before you go out in the field.

Before You Go Out In The Field - Essential Photography Rules - Part 1

In life, we never know what is around the next corner. Photography is a very skillful talent. The best photographs are ones that are untouched, and raw. They grasp the real world no matter how ugly, unique or compelling it may be. The best way to achieve creative and imaginative photography is to expect the unexpected the very best pictures are those that are not propped.

Is Your DSLR Too Bulky At Times? Consider Something Lighter!

Are you tired of slinging you DSLR camera over your shoulder? Does it get in the way when your in a crowded space? Find it difficult to get quick access to get the perfect shot? Maybe its time for a change!

Adobe Lightroom 3 and geotagging: step by step how-to

The new version of great photo organizer and editor Adobe Lightroom 3 still lacks geotagging support. It should be able to work with images already containing GPS information, but you do not have any chance how to set them. But there is one third party and free solution at least: special plugin for Lightroom 3 with geotagging features.

Black and White Photography: How To Give Your Photographs An Eclectic Look With Photoshop and Lightroom

Black and white photography always had a certain je ne sais quoi, it speaks differently to the viewer – the lack of colors is compensated by the depth of the subject and by the way shadows and light build the entire image. In other words, if color photography is easily valued through its… colors, with black and white images it is a lot harder to send out the right message – one has to be a lot careful with composition, subject positioning, lightning and so on.

Infrared Photography – Uncover The Secrets of IR Photography Right Now

When one sees Infrared Photography, they are immediately drawn to the uniqueness of it and if they are a photographer that has never used infrared photography before, may be interested in knowing the tricks of the trade. There is a certain way to accomplish the unique look of IR photos when shooting the shot and then creating the finished product in the post production of the photograph. Following is a guide to help the fledgling photographer get on their way to creating unique one of kind photographs.