Urban Photography: 5 Tips To Enhance Your Urban Shots

Whether you are in a completely new city or you just want to catch the sparkle of the city you have been living in for ages, there are a couple of things you should consider before starting your photography tour. Before you get started, put your equipment in order and make sure you know what you're shooting with.

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack adds RAW support to the Explorer and Windows Live Photo Gallery

This week Microsoft released a new add-in for the Windows system built-in file manager, Windows Explorer. This add-on Microsoft Camera Codec Pack improves your Windows to be able to show the RAW images within the Explorer or the Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Simple Techniques You Can Use To Enhance Your Images Using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

Some time ago, we discussed a bunch of simple tips you can use to make your photos stand out from the crowd. Last time, we worked on a landscape however this time it should be interesting to work on a portrait, and prove the power of Lightroom with just a few clicks.

Tripods: The Photography Tool That Can Truly Enhance Your Imagery

You've got your camera and you're ready to go - however, you feel that there is something more you can add to your pack to make it all more interesting.

Breaking Photography Rules: Two Photography Rules You Can Break To Increase Creativity

Rules are there to draw the lines, anything in between is not necessarily wrong, especially if it is done tastefully. Photography comes with a bunch of rules that are incredibly important when it comes to taking impeccable shots - however, what if you want to kick those away, and start focusing on the things that seem creative and interesting? After all, why not?

Why Doesn’t My Photography Improve: 4 Common Reasons

Most of the times, we look through our photos and notice little improvement in time - it's a wonderful feeling when you realize how far you've come in taking portraits, or how nice your landscapes look nowadays, or how filled with meaning those black and white shots are now.

How to photograph large people: a tasteful approach

If you are a portrait photographer, or if you take portraits during your spare time, you must have come across this issue at least once - photographing large people is a hard thing to do, especially if you want to obtain some great shots, and make the model feel comfortable.

Are You Ready For Full Frame? When Should You Upgrade Your Equipment

There is a constant discussion on whether people should upgrade their cameras, or if you as a photographer should upgrade from the non-full frame camera to a full-frame one. There are a great number of discussions on this topic, more precisely whether it would be best for you and your image to upgrade to full-frame rather than wait for the next best thing in the APS-C sensor area.

Graduated Neutral Density Filters - How And When Should You Use Them

In photography, we learn to take advantage of whatever means we can in order to obtain the desired results. And filters are just some of the most interesting tools you can use to enhance the result.

Photography Themes - What Are The Most Common Themes for Photographers?

Photographers use many popular themes as the basis of their work. Out of the many themes that are used on a regular basis, the human face is by far the most popular of all used. This is because to the human brain, the human face is the most recognizable and most able to draw the attention of a viewer of photography.

Composition And Previsualisation - How A Successful Photographer Produces A Quality Product

Ansel Adams was a very successful and productive artist who made the term previsualisation very important in his day. The meaning that was intended behind previsualisation was that a successful artist and photographer should be able to see behind the color of a particular object being drawn or photographed to the basic black and white version.

Black And White Photography - How Photographers See In Black And White

Accustom your eyes with how your images should look in B&W. The idea of black and white photography goes back many years to when landscape artists would use a black volcanic glass made from obsidian as a process to remove color from a scene in which they were trying to draw.

Wildlife Photography Natural, Sometimes Savage - But All In All Wondrous

For me personally, the shutter speed is the best invention for cameras as it freezes the action and reduces the effects of the camera shake. If I shoot a static subject matter, then I will try a shot with a shutter speed of 1/400. This, however, creates a less than perfect photo. Because of this, I recommend using a higher shutter speed. If it was a flying bird I was photographing, the minimum of 1/1500 would be ideal but personally, I would prefer to use a shutter speed of 1/2000+.

Historical facts about Photography: Let’s Take It From The Beginning

The word photography is originated from the old Greek words light and draw, as in drawing with light. The word, first used in the year 1839 by a scientist named John F.W. Herchel. It was a way capturing images onto a sensitive material with the aid lighted material or a similar radiation.

The Beauty Of Photographing Mists and Fogs

Taking photos in fog or mist can be either very good or very bad. It can either set a beautiful atmosphere in your photos or it can very easily make your photos look hazy and washed-out. This article will explain how to get the best photographs possible when working in these environments.