How to Avoid Shaking When Snapping pictures with a Handheld Camera

Hand-held doesn’t mean shake it till you make it! If you have used a hand held camera, it is more than likely that you have experience the annoyance of blurry photos that is caused by camera-shake. This can especially be a big problem for those who have very unsteady hands.

How to add depth of field to your photography

Depth of field is one of the most used photography techniques which result in a nice photography. The depth of field is given by the objective and the lenses. However if you use the automatic mode on your camera and the image looks flatten and without any depth effect then you can improve the photography using the software.

Cheap and Useful Photography Accessories: How To Avoid Spending A Fortune On Photography Accessories

Photography for the amateur and professional can be a very expensive hobby. The camera itself is an expensive piece of equipment and DSLR Lenses can cost even a lot more then the body of the camera. On top of this, you also have the additional costs of the accessories. It could also be a very expensive investment; however, there is good news! Photography does not have to be expensive as there are accessories that you can purchase for exceedingly less than the average amount at twenty five dollars.

Camera Lenses And Your Needs: Beginner Photography Lenses

There is a constant talk about cameras and lenses and the necessary budget you need to handle in order to have decent equipment. Now, regardless of whether you go for Canon or Nikon or Sony (or etc.) in your camera-brand hunt, what you need to remember is that if you are serious about your hobby you will have to invest a lot of money in it eventually. This article will help you identify the best lens for certain situations and how to understand your photo-needs better.

Go Beyond Your Camera: Just Because You Can

Big things come in small packages; in this case, that statement is a lot more literal. Before you snap that perfect shot you always gotta make sure the resolution of your camera is at its most logical setting, as always there are a few guidelines to any adjustments you plan to make regarding your camera’s digital capture.

Fast Lenses – What Are They? A Short Guide Through The Lens World

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the equipment you use on an assignment are for newbies!  You can achieve the same kind of quality image with out having to wreck your wallet. What kind of Lens could accomplish such a feat? Why, sub-full-frame lenses will do most exquisitely. Here you will find some very good and uniquely fit choices.

Cropping And Retouching Your Images For Better Quality

Imagine you are having a birthday party for your four-year-old daughter; it’s one of her biggest parties yet. You decide you want to snap a photo of her and her little friends together to cement the occasion for all time.

Short Introduction To Winter Photography

Truth be told, there is a lot of interesting shots that can be done during the winter. All you need to know is that for every situation there is an appropriate set of settings that you should configure on your camera. To make it clear – this article is written mainly for DSLR users that can manually adjust more (if not all) of their settings since this allows a great amount of flexibility in regards to the end result.

HDR Photography: The Power of High Dynamic Range Photography

We’ve all been there. That beautiful sunset will not photograph well with your camera--if the range from the dark to bright is greater than the range of your camera you may have this issue. In days gone by the only solution was to analyze the scene, determining the key tones.

How To Correct Your Photography Mistakes

Want to improve the number of good shots you get? If you are consistently having trouble in getting the shots you want read on to find solutions to the most commonly experienced problems of photography.

RAW Unleashed: Now At Your Courtesy

D-SLR cameras make use of RAW as its image format. Although there are many other extensions out there they are all pretty much the same when given the choice but at the same time each one gives off it’s own unique flare dissimilar to others.

Photography And Flash: What Is There To Know

When you purchase something for the first time the product, often times more then not, comes with a few parts already integrated within the system. This is cool of the manufacturer and all but to be honest, integration sucks.

Color Theory – Colors Before Photography

What is color? Why is it there? What’s its purpose besides adding character to the world around you? These are questions humanity has asked itself since well… probably the beginning of time. Do we have an answer?

The Nikon D7000: Full Comprehensive Review

Here it is, the new Nikon D7000. It is the newest camera from Nikon, a DSLR camera with a 16.2 megapixel DX image sensor. It also has Full HD video and full-time autofocus and manual exposure control. The ISO range of the camera is about 100-25600.

Stop the Chromatic Aberrations - Learn To Avoid This Issue

I’m sure you’ve seen the ghostly appearance around objects or people in a picture. This colored halo is chromatic aberration or color fringing. It usually appears as a purple, green or red outline or figure. This article addresses the causes of chromatic aberration and how to avoid it while shooting and in post-production.