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How to colorize black and white photos online

How to colorize black and white photos online

There are many tools and applications you can use to colorize your old photos. Most of them are too much complicated for a common user. But there is a new website which is able to colorize the black and white photos online.

How to set Black and White points in Lightroom 4

How to set Black and White points in Lightroom 4

Setting the black and white point is very critical to bring out the correct exposure of the photo, especially when you are shooting in raw format. Many of the amateur photographers find it difficult to set the same.

Black And White Photography - How Photographers See In Black And White

Accustom your eyes with how your images should look in B&W. The idea of black and white photography goes back many years to when landscape artists would use a black volcanic glass made from obsidian as a process to remove color from a scene in which they were trying to draw.

Black and White Photography: How To Give Your Photographs An Eclectic Look With Photoshop and Lightroom

Black and white photography always had a certain je ne sais quoi, it speaks differently to the viewer – the lack of colors is compensated by the depth of the subject and by the way shadows and light build the entire image. In other words, if color photography is easily valued through its… colors, with black and white images it is a lot harder to send out the right message – one has to be a lot careful with composition, subject positioning, lightning and so on.

Black and White Photography in the Modern World

Black and white photography is like classical music. It has its own way, it is simply something special. Moreover, while back in the old days, this type of photography was often the only one, nowadays it reaches more and more popularity exactly due to its vintage look. While many typical cameras have their own option for Black and White photos, shooting in b/w is often more difficult than shooting in color.

How to create Black and White Image using Picasa

Some images appear more beautiful in black and white than in color. You can turn those images into black and white with the help of Google’s Picasa. The advantage of using Picasa is that it is a freeware.

Glow Effect and Focal Black and White Effect using Picasa

Glow effect and Focal black & white effect are the two important effects in Google Picasa. You can use these effects on certain pictures to make it more beautiful. The advantage of using Google’s Picasa is that it is a freeware. It is user friendly also.