CopyTrans Photo: manage fullres photos without iTunes


Do you own an iPod? Are you using Windows operating system? Well, there are not too many options with which you can upload your photos, music and other data to your iPod device especially if you don’t like the iTunes library. However, one solution exists at least. It’s name is CopyTrans Photo.

For me as a Windows advanced user, are the iTunes library and everything about Apple software a little bit strange. Let me be clear. I like Apple and its concept of easy to use interfaces. I like the iPod, especially the iPod nano. The Apple Safari web browser isn’t bad I think. But when it comes to iTunes on Windows… This software is too bulky for someone who uses the Windows Media Player or another player on Windows.

I’m very happy that we have an alternative. This alternative is CopyTrans software suite. Today, I would like to show you one of the applications from this suite, CopyTrans Photo.

Manage your photos on iPod

The first and maybe the most important thing for anyone: CopyTrans Photo doesn’t need  any part of iTunes library installed on your Windows PC. As soon as you will start the application, you will see two main parts – the iPod library on your left and PC folders structure on your right.

CopyTrans Photo – photo manager for iPod/iPhone

CopyTrans Photo – photo manager for iPod/iPhone

So how to manage your photos on iPod using the CopyTrans Photo? Click the second button atop of the left panel. This will create a new iPod album. Now, go to your photos using the right panel. Select one or more photos (drawing out a selection area or Ctrl/Shift button) and move them to the left panel. CopyTrans Photo will copy photos immediately.

Slideshow from your iPod photos

CopyTrans Photo is able to create and run full screen slideshows from your photos. Just navigate through your iPod albums (using the tabs) or through your favorite picture folder on your PC. Then click one of the buttons called Slideshow. The first one will run the slideshow using the photos from your current iPod photo album, the second one will show you up the photos from the current folder.

CopyTrans Photo – photo manager for iPod/iPhone

CopyTrans Photo – photo manager for iPod/iPhone

Don’t forget to use the S key when the slideshow starts. You will see the Settings dialog box from where you are able to select the Transition style, interval and duration among other settings. After customizing, click the Continue button.

iPod photo manager and fullres photos

There is one more useful and important functionality in CopyTrans Photo I think. Swap to the Settings tabs. There is a few options you can set up based on your preferences. Check the first two options which are off by default. Using them you will be able to transfer the full resolution photos to your iPod. This is great I think, isn’t it?

CopyTrans Photo – photo manager for iPod/iPhone

CopyTrans Photo – photo manager for iPod/iPhone

CopyTrans Photo is only one part of the CopyTrans software suite for iPod and iPhone management. For more information about this and other iPod/iPhone related alternative software, go to