The Fujifilm FinePix X100: What Fuji Has To Show Us This Year

FujiFilm has announced the invention of the brand new FinePix 100, a fine digital compact camera featuring an APS-C CMOS sensor, a Fujinon 23mm fixed focal length lens and the brand new Hybrid Viewfinder. This camera is due to be released in early 2011.

This is bound to be the perfect compact camera for the professional photographer or even for the simple photographer who simply loves to take great, vibrant pictures. This camera was designed to appeal to the DSLR users who craved a back up camera to use that was very compact and slim in nature. Most professional photographers, who use a bigger SLR system, wanted a smaller camera of the same nature to use for fill in shots or simply on the side. This camera is a definite need for the professional photographer and is one to look at early in 2011.

Fujifilm engineers worked very long and hard on this invention, keeping in mind that they had been asked for a smaller version of the SLR for a long while by serious photographers. Fujifilm believes there is a tremendous need for this smaller camera and that it will be much admired by many. The engineers worked on this invention for many months and believe they have come up with the perfect counterpart to the heavier, bulkier, traditional SLR system that was in some spots, difficult to use.

Fujifilm FinePix X100

Fujifilm FinePix X100

The lens on this compact style camera is of the finest quality, the priority of the camera being the utmost picture quality. The lens that was particularly chosen for this camera is a fixed, prime F2 lens, made by Fujinon. The lens was made to perfectly match the APS-C sensor. There are many wonderful additions to this camera, sure to make photographer’s live much easier. Something brand new to the SLR system with this compact camera, is the newly developed EXR processor, which combines all the newest image processing technology Fujifilm has developed over the last several years into one simple, compact, slim camera.

Hybrid Viewfinder

The Hybrid Viewfinder which is also new on the SLR system compact camera, combines the bright frame optical viewfinder that is typically found in high end cameras, such as 35mm cameras and medium format cameras. The Hybrid Viewfinder can also show not only the subject in the shooting frame, but also shows a variety of shooting data, which is a new option to the line up of SLR systems.

This was done by integrating a prism for the 1,440,000 dot LCD panel. One of the great abilities of this new camera is the ability to use the camera as a viewfinder to compose or playback shots. The photographer can use the very simple one touch control to switch optical and electronic viewfinder images. This is a wonderful option for the photographer who loves to shoot nature events, sporting events or anything that was previously found very challenging because of the bulky nature of this camera’s counterpart.

Over the last several years, digital cameras have become very compact and very slim becoming very user friendly. However, composing and viewing shots on large, high resolution LCD panels, on the back of the camera, has become the typical practice of today’s serious and amateur photographers.

Sometimes, however, taking a picture with an optical viewfinder is the typical way to take a picture with a typical film camera and the most used method for the majority of digital cameras. Most people would like the viewfinder to be as close as possible to the eye, so that the person taking the picture can focus their attention on the subject at hand, with no distractions.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 lens

The most modern electronic displays that give data such as shutter speed, exposure correction and sensitivity help the most serious photographer tremendously. This is not a method that most amateurs prefer, the method preferred by amateurs is the clear sharp view of an optical finder. The Fujifilm FinePix X100 is designed to give both groups, the amateur and the professional, the best of both worlds.

The newly designed 23mm lens offers the perfect length for that hard to be shot, as well as an aperture of F2. This newly designed lens is made from molded glass; the lens contains eight elements in six groups. This new compact camera also features a non-collapsible lens structure with minimized lens length.

This feature allows for the compact size of the camera and eliminates telescoping of the lens when the camera’s power is on. It is so simple, the camera is ready to use the moment it is turned on. The lens produces a very clear picture, surprising even the most professional photographer, because of its size. The lens uses a nine-blade aperture diaphragm. The shutter speed can also be reduced to capture that perfect action shot such as a waterfall or where intentional blur is needed.

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