PhaseOne P40+ medium format system

The internet has been filled with news in regards to the new PhaseOne P40+ medium format system just a few weeks ago, however, it shall take a while until we shall receive some on-hand reviews since this particular system cannot be used by just any photography enthusiast.

First, let us note that this new system incorporates the Sensor+ technology, well built by PhaseOne that offers nothing less than 40MP resolution in capture mode, and a typical 10MP Sensor+ mode that allows fast image capture.

You can figure out now why it cannot be handled by just about anyone. Aside from the increase in the number of megapixels, the Sensor+ mode managed to increase the maximum sensitivity from the rather limited ISO 800 to ISO 3200 (this in full resolution mode). The price can be rather prohibitive especially if photography is not your main and great money source – in other words, you will have to get out of your pocket about €14,990, or €17,000 for the actual camera system.

The high-res version of the camera is usually used whenever one wants to capture high quality image details – old users of PhaseOne understand perfectly how a few more mega pixels (even if we are discussing in terms of tens and tens of mega pixels) change the whole picture. Obviously, sometimes, the shooting demands a fast approach to the subject, and this is why PhaseOne incorporated the 10 mega pixels option which can be chosen with just a switch of a button.

The need of a flexible yet reliable camera is quite high in some corners of the photography world, not to mention that the craving for more quality is quite great – and why wouldn’t it be. This type of camera is surely not designed for those in the lookout to learn more about photography but much rather for high-end weddings, fashion and fine-art photography since they can focus on the job properly without having to worry about their equipment.

PhaseOne P40+

PhaseOne P40+

Some technical specifications include:

For Full Resolution Capture Mode:

- Resolution: 40 megapixels (as discussed above)

- Pixel size: 6x6 micron

- RAW file compression: for large, 40 MB, while for small 26 MB.

- ISO options: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800

- Speed: 1.2 frames per second.

For Capture Mode:

- Resolution: 10 megapixels (again, as discussed above)

- Pixel size: 12x12 micron

- RAW file compression: for large, 10 MB, while for small 7MB

- ISO options: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200

- Speed: 1,8 frames per second