How to backup photos

As a digital camera user, your pictures are stored on your computer. The ability to store pictures on a computer is a great feature. You can easily share your pictures with others and choose which photographs you want to print. With that said, have you backed up your photographs? Right now, if your computer got a virus and crashed, what would happen to your precious memories? If you do not have backup copies you are out of luck. Speaking from personal experience, this is a place you never want to be.

What exactly are photo backups? A backup is just a copy of the files that are on your computer (in this case your pictures). You can backup your photographs onto a blank CD that has media capabilities. These are available for sale at most retail stores and online; they are very affordable too. Once you create a backup, the key is to choose a safe place. You might want to make multiple copies of your photos on CDs. Keep a CD in your fireproof safe and give one to a close friend or relative to store. This may seem like going overboard, but all of your bases are covered and you will never be without your precious photographs.

Just a few years ago, making a backup of your photos or any document stored on a computer was hard. You literally had to be a computer expert to figure out what to do. Luckily, backing up media and data files on a computer is a lot easier now. In fact, you have two great choices. Those choices, which include backing your files up on a CD or an online backup service, are both outlined below for your convenience.

How to Backup Photos on a CD/DVD

To get started, you need to verify that your computer has a DVD or CD writer drive; it should because most computers now come standard with them. Even if your computer is without the needed drives, they can be purchased as external devices for around $100. Otherwise, all you need is a stack of blank CDs or DVDs. When you buy in bulk (like 25 discs or more in a pack), they will cost only a few cents each. Roxio is a great burning software to use, but (once again) your computer should of come with a program already installed. All you need to do is follow the instructions of the program in question and you have a backup of your photographs.

As mentioned above, you want to keep your backup discs in a safe place. It is also important that you mark each CD so that you know which photos are on it. A good idea is to create a new backup CD once a month if you take many photographs or once every two or three months if you do not. You can write the months and years the photos were taken on the disc. The only thing you want to do is remember when you created a backup disc so that newly taken photographs are not forgotten.

How to Backup Photos Using an Online Backup Service

An online backup service is easy to find online. If you are looking for a free service, you can easily find these, but you may be limited on the amount of storage space you get. In most cases, it is best to opt for a paid storage service that charges a monthly fee of $10 to $20; this way you have no worries about using too much space.

Each online backup service has different methods of uploading photographs to your account. Basically, you need to use their browse or search feature to find the files on your computer, select them, and wait for them to upload. Either way, you will be given step-by-step directions. You may find this approach easier as you can backup your photographs as you take them. There is no waiting until the end of the month or worrying about losing money due to half-empty CDs or DVDs. Your photos are still backed up, but they are stored online and that is also how you access them. In the event something happens to your home or your computer, the files are still safe online.

How To Backup Photos Using External Media

Frankly, one of the most popular backup methods used nowadays is the one using external media. As a photographer, I found it easier and safer to buy an external hard drive (personally I opted for WD’s MyBook edition) and store all my photographs there. Not only that it is less expensive than backing up on DVDs, but it is also safer and easier to access.

In short, it really does not matter how you backup your photographs; it is just important that you do. Whether your pictures are of a trip with a group of friends, a family wedding, or of your new child; they are all important. Do not be devastated for years because you didn’t take a few minutes to backup your photographs to a CD or an online service.

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