What's new in Zoner Photo Studio 15

Zoner Photo Studio is quite a well-known photo-editing application that comes to serve a number of post-processing tasks with a certain ease-of-use that simply reminds you of the simple days. Now, what’s truly new and interesting about it is the fact that they just launched a new and improved version of their famed photo application. Obviously, it comes with a series of new features such as Quick Edits, a completely redesign Import Module or stuff such as Folder Synchronization (a wonderful addition, for those of us who have entire photo catalogs to sync) and a number of filters that help one achieve all sorts of effects – from tilt-and-shift lens effects to Polaroid-like images.

This is what Zoner Photo Studio 15 has to offer at a glance. We’ll go a bit deeper in a minute, but before we do, it would be wise to discuss the pricing system - $69,99 for the original app, and if you want to extend your license to more than one computer, you will only pay an extra $29,99.

A plethora of features, one single application

The Zoner Photo Studio 15 suite has become quite popular between photographers, especially due to its ease of use. Not to mention that it makes a great way to catalog and keep all your photos in one single place. I mentioned in the beginning that it comes with a couple of features such as Quick Edits – now this is just interesting, to be honest. It looks a lot like the presets Adobe Lightroom has to offer when you don’t want to go through all the motions of processing an image and you just want do enhance it a little bit. This is a features that will be loved by part-time photographers that want to take a bunch of images after their vacation and just bulk-edit them for a variety of small touches.

Apart from that, the full Editor has seen a couple of dramatic changes – let’s step away from the Quick Edits and Quick Filters for a moment and focus on the fact that this is also a photo processing app, and it will allow you to go a bit beyond your usual tasks, and create some rather interesting images thanks to tools such as Tilt-Shift (the Miniature-like filter) or others like it.

Instant sharing? It’s got it – whether you want to post them on Facebook, Flickr or Picasa, the choice is yours. After all, they’re embedded in the application.

Remember, this is not an application meant to replace the use of Adobe Photoshop or even Adobe Lightroom – it’s the sort of app that makes simple photo processing significantly more fun by eliminating all the complicated in-between steps.