How to take food photographs

Are you a Food Lover or a cook?? Then this article will definitely help you a lot. When you view any food pictures your mouth starts watering then you feel like eating same dish. You can make your owns delicious Food Recipe Book by taking photographs of whatever you have prepared.


Follow these points to get a perfect picture of your sizzling food:

Adequate Light

To get the best picture of your food, you need to arrange everything where there is natural enough light. Try to take pictures especially in the day time. You can arrange table near by your window where you can get full of natural light. Don't use flash it won't give you an original picture it might give unattractive shiny ugly spots spoiling your picture.


Arrangement before taking Photos

Prior to taking snaps, select proper table cloth, plates or bowels, napkin which contrasts with the color and matches too with the shape of your food. Don't click full tables picture with the dishes they won't look good, but you can use one or two extra objects like spoon, fork or flower as secondary in the background while taking a snap. Also take care while clicking pictures or shooting that there is no person or any distraction in the background. Give it a style with perfect garnishing and finishing of the dish.


Capturing the Food Photos

You will need to work quickly to take pictures especially when the food is fresh. First use an empty plate till you are ready for the shot and then slip it in the real plate. Don't move the plate. While taking pictures move around and check from which angle you get a good picture be close to the food while clicking picture, don't take snaps standing and clicking from distance especially for beginner photographers. Use macro setting in your camera. Uses frame fill it with food.


Preparation while making Food

Don't forget to take pictures while food preparation like cutting, chopping, cooking, etc... as this might be helpful for you will making projects and recipes too.

Hope some of these suggestions will help you to get good food photographs and get your own special recipe book with delicious food photos in it.

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