How to take Glamour Photography?

As time has advanced it has changed the entire avenues for the glamour photography. Today, glamour shots are sexy, oppressive photos that may or may not include nude shots. In recent times, when women still continue to be hot favorites in glamour photographs, men too, are gaining a bold and recognizable presence in the world of glamour photography.

Accordingly, glamour photos have an air of ambiguity and romance, as much as bodily magnetism. Most catchy aspect is “Playfulness”, it should seem as if the model were flirting with the viewer.

The key elements that provide a professional look to glamour photography are apt lighting and using soft filters. Although model is the focus in such photographs but one must be absolutely careful while handling other aspects like background etc. Usually, exotic locations are selected over studios.

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Importance of Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is gaining world wide recognition because of many reasons. Although models are willing to pose for glamour shots to make their job portfolios, there is the set of advertisers, on the other hand who use glamour photos to publicize their products.

Tips when posing for Glamour Shots

Most critical aspect of such kind of shots is that they require a model’s complete trust and feeling of comfort with the photographer. Especially, if the person, who is being photographed is not used to modeling, he/she must not start feeling conscious. Majority of people feel self-conscious and silly posing for such shots. Thus creating conducive environment is absolutely vital.

A photographer must explain in advance the kind of attitude, type of pose and dress to be worn so that it helps in getting the desired outcome.

Equipment needed for Taking Glamour Shots

A professional glamour photographer has studio filled with expensive cameras, accessories, backdrops and props. But the key fact remains that beautiful glamour shots can be achieved without such equipment. In fact, glamour photographers usually prefer to work outside the studio with a least amount of equipment. The exotic locations readily available in nature like the beaches, mountain sides etc, providing beautiful backdrops for many glamour shots. For the novice glamour photographers, a superior quality digital camera is needed with adjustable light settings.

Vertical Glamour Shots

Incase of glamour shot, models are generally photographed with the camera held vertically instead of horizontally. Because people are habituated to looking at horizontal pictures, they tend to relate the horizontal stuff with their everyday family pictures. While professional glamour photographers feel that this is a simple technique, beginners often feel uncomfortable turning the camera to vertical position.

When taking the shots vertically, photographer may add a few unique dynamics to his pictures.

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The Importance of Backgrounds

A glamour photographer has to handle backgrounds with enough consideration since glamour shots need to be focused on the model, rather than the background. Chaotic, busy backdrops distract from the appeal and airless ambiguity of the model. Plain and simple backgrounds are more apposite for glamour shots.


Although props aren’t fundamental, they can be aid to good glamour shots. The props ought to add to glamour shots instead of detracting attention away from the model. Sometimes large props can double as framing tools or backgrounds.

Glamour Shots and Lighting

The right lighting can give glamour shots an air of romance and obscurity, whereas, the wrong lighting can totally damage the feel of a photo. The lighting settings of a digital camera can be a powerful requisite to glamour photographers. Along with this proper focus on eyes and a perfect smile is quintessential for best pictures.

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Taken some good care of the tips discussed above and with some practice you can get a good outcome.