Sensual Female Photography - Going Beyond Typical Shots

Since the inception of the early camera, sensual photographs of women have been one of the most popular photos. Whether it is black and white or ultra high resolution shots, women striking sensual poses make up a vast majority of the commercial market’s profits. Before one takes sensual photographs, one must be aware of the following issues.

Working with subjects

In contrast to other types of photography that work with subjects, sensual female photography is one of the most difficult. The reason for this is that almost everyone has had their portrait taken at some point in their lives. For example, portraits are take at young ages posing with Santa Claus and at graduation ceremonies. Thus, it is safe to say that a vast majority of amateur subjects have zero experience having a sensual photograph taken.  

Moreover, even model subjects may not have a ton of experience with this genre either. Therefore it is crucial to break the ice between you the photographer and the subject. There are numerous methods to approach this. One way is to serve refreshments so that the subjects can loosen up. Another tactic is to use humor as you are taking the photos. Laughter is an excellent tool to establish chemistry and break down the barrier of anxiety that is caused from inexperience. It is important to realize that some photo shoots are fantastic and others are not. However, if the subjects are relaxed, then the chances of you having a successful shoot are much higher.

Sensual Female Photography
credit: Jan Polzer


Before you start the photo shoot you need to know where and what kind of setting you will be shooting in.  If you are shooting outdoors, weather and privacy must be taken into consideration. If you are shooting indoors, the type of artificial lighting is key. Other aspects such as clothing and props must be discussed with the subject. If your subject has some idea of the setting and the direction of the shoot, you will increase the likelihood of having a killer session.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects for photography. However, for sensual photography it is crucial. For this genre, soft light is key.  Soft light creates a sexy and seductive environment and hides unattractive lines. Dawn and dusk are prime times to shoot when outdoors. Light diffusers, window drapes, and light reflectors are wonderful tools used to create the best light for your work.

Sensual Female Photography
credit: Jan Polzer


Sensual photography is a subjective genre that depends on the photographer’s artistic and creative sense to create a truly powerful photo. There are two types of sensual photographers. One kind make a living out of using less revealing shots by conveying the subject’s emotional nature. Other’s use heavily explicit shots to really capture the primal bare nature of sensuality. Which route one wants to take, depends on the vision of the photographer. In other words, the choice is up to you.

How to Get Paid

Photography stock houses are highly recommended for photographers who are just beginning a career in this genre. This works by posting images to a database on various online sites. Users of these sites then select images and if they like what see, they will download the photo. You will receive a percentage of the cost of the download, if your work gets downloaded. This is a fun way to expose your work to the masses and make a little money at the same time.