How to Take Great Silhouette Photo Pictures

Taking a beautiful Silhouette photo picture is a form of art. These images captivate our curiosity, and our imagination. These photos inspire us and perplex us all at the same time. We imagine lost worlds, and wonder what is beneath the shadows. One of the first steps in learning to do anything is to understand the language of the field, and then you must understand the equipment you will be using. Become familiar with your camera. Train yourself to know your equipment, and to be familiar with the terrain you will be working on, in other words; do your homework.

Silhouette photo - Backlighting

Another name for Silhouette lighting is Backlighting, this gives a dramatic effect, seeing only the outline of a figure makes it interesting. Take any object and place it in front of the light set your camera to manual and allow your camera to focus on the light. Force your camera to set its exposure based upon the brightest part of your picture, the background and not the subject of your image.

To take great Silhouette photo pictures make sure your background is brighter than your object. You want the item you are focused on to stand out. Never point your camera at the sun the light might bounce back on your subject and ruin your Silhouette. Many photographers take Silhouettes during the evening hours, when the sun is just above the horizon. This certainly helps the problem of lighting.

Silhouette Photo

A certain amount of consideration must be given to the weather during any outside photo session. With a manual camera you will be able to do your own settings. Pay attention to your ISO. Use a narrow aperture this will give you a greater depth of field. Aim your camera at the subject with the sun right behind it.

If you have the fun of using a digital camera you have a lot of features that you can use, instant playback, memory storage, red eye reduction automatic flash, burst mode, optical zoom, and so many things to help you out. Technology practically does all of the work for you, but then, it never hurts to get a little help. While taking great Silhouette photo pictures don’t forget about the tripod, a handy little piece of equipment that keeps your photos steady at long distances. On a lovely evening just set your camera and watch the sunset.

Turn off the auto flash

Blacked out images, Silhouettes, have been done throughout history, an image without color, it was once called. This is exactly what is done with the camera, using light and shadows. When you are taking pictures with the automatic camera be sure to turn off the auto flash, you do not want it to automatically correct your shot. While taking Silhouettes you will find yourself having to trick technology while using an automatic camera. There are photo opportunities out there that have yet to be taken, in some magical way the world is always different and if you look there is always something that you missed, and discovering what that might be, is the thing memoirs are made of.

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