How to take photographs of your Artwork?

If you are an artist and have a collection of great artworks with you, and if you want to upload the photographs of your works on website for selling them and you don’t have any experience in taking photographs then what will you do. Either you will mess up the photo by trying it yourself or you will hire a professional photographer which will be too expensive. So discussed below is the article for such artists so they can photograph their art work themselves.

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Steps Involved


Selecting the Equipment


Use of digital camera with resolution around 5-6 Mega Pixels is sufficient to meet all your requirements. You can use the traditional camera too but digital camera is always a good option as it will yield the result faster than the traditional one. If you are not working on large scale then see to it that your camera must contain macro setting.


For the stability of camera while taking the snap you require a tripod. Even if you are confident that your hand will not shake while taking the photo, but still there will be slight movement which will blur your photographs. If you don’t have a tripod you can use a card box or a stool placed on table for getting the camera parallel to the subject. 


The Lights


Natural lights is always a good source of light than the artificial one so choosing the natural light over the artificial is a good option. But while choosing the natural lights avoid using early morning and the evening light as these lights are little red in color. Also direct bright sunlight will wash the colors of the painting as a whole. So use of diffused light from the window in opposite side of sun is the best option, also you can try using the light of solid overcast day.


Artificial lights are quiet an headache to set for, but if we see the cooperation of mother nature then it become necessary to set artificial lights. So use a light tent, you can buy one if you are ready to spend a little more or it can also be leased from a photographer.

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The Background


While selecting the background keep in mind the viewer mind be not distracted from the main subject. So keep the background as simple as possible. Use a paper or a cloth in the background. The color of the paper or the fabric must be neutral and not glittery (White is the best option to choose from). If you are spending more then you can invest in buying a velvet cloth.


Actual Photograph Taking


This part becomes simpler if all the precautions discussed above are followed well. At first set the tripod in front of the subject. In case of digital cameras the images should be taken with high resolution, as you can scale them down. If your camera is advanced enough then it will get synchronized with the available light. If not then adjust the camera settings as per the light available. If the distance between you and the subject is more then 2-3 feet then turn the macro setting of the camera on, and what are you waiting for just take the picture.




If the above discussed procedure is followed well then you can get the outcomes of the photographs as shown in the photographs shown in the above images.