Improving your Images: Tips to Enhance your Nature Photography

It seems like everyone today has a digital camera that they carry around to snap photos here and there. Often the photographer seldom gives a second thought to what they are shooting. It's just snap and go. Here are a few tips to help you get better results when photographing landscape and scenic shots.


It is important to get an idea of what your finished photograph will look like. What do you want in the photo and what do you want to omit. Nothing can spoil the ambiance of a scenic photo more than power lines in the background or a small piece of litter in the foreground. Frame your subject so that it takes up most of the photo while leaving a bit of a natural border.


How do you want to light your subject? Front lighting is capturing an image with the light directly on it. This allows for clearly defined details. Back lighting is taking a photograph with the light behind the subject. This produces a completely different effect and is a good option if you want to create a silhouette. If you would like to create an image with a lot of depth then you would want to use side lighting.


When photographing natural settings it is important to know as much about the subject as possible. Do trees bloom or do their leaves change to a brilliant hue during a certain time of the year? What does sunlight do to your subject at different times of the day? When is wildlife most active? Invest some time getting to know what it is that you want to photograph.


When you plan to take photographs, make sure you allow enough time with your subject. Often the characteristics of what you are photographing or the elements in which you are working can change after a few minutes. Look around and see if you can determine if anything might happen that will improve your chances of getting a better shot.


Make sure to carry your camera with you at all times. Who knows when you might see an incredible landscape that begs to be captured or a sunset that would make an awesome photo. So often we tell ourselves, "I wish I had my camera." After a photo session critique your photographs and see what methods have been working for you and make sure to repeat them the next time you shoot.