Wildlife Photography Natural, Sometimes Savage - But All In All Wondrous

For me personally, the shutter speed is the best invention for cameras as it freezes the action and reduces the effects of the camera shake. If I shoot a static subject matter, then I will try a shot with a shutter speed of 1/400. This, however, creates a less than perfect photo. Because of this, I recommend using a higher shutter speed. If it was a flying bird I was photographing, the minimum of 1/1500 would be ideal but personally, I would prefer to use a shutter speed of 1/2000+.

Nature Photography – Improve Your Skills Right Now!

To the beginning photographer, nature photography can be quite daunting. To remember everything that needs to be communicated in a picture, and make it look good can be quite difficult at times. There are many things a typical photographer must keep in mind when trying to capture the perfect shot and bring images to life for the layman.

How to take photos of spring nature

Although winter is photographically very rewarding season of the year, we bet, that in comparison with coming spring, exactly the spring win for almost every photographer. And because spring is finally here, it is time to review some quick photo-tips!

Improving your Images: Tips to Enhance your Nature Photography

It seems like everyone today has a digital camera that they carry around to snap photos here and there. Often the photographer seldom gives a second thought to what they are shooting. It's just snap and go. Here are a few tips to help you get better results when photographing landscape and scenic shots.

How to take pictures of Flowers

Flowers have so far been the most fascinating creations of Mother Nature. The variety of their shapes, colors, and even smells has enchanted us for centuries now! Says the most famous writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson: Earth laughs in flowers! Thus flowers are definitely the most exciting and experimental subjects while photography. Not only are we attracted by its form and colors, there is whole lot of innovation of geometry, textures, hues and fragrances within its elements. Further more going into details, its seasonal variations too are eye catching.