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20 tips for winter photography

20 tips for winter photography

Some say winter photography is the most difficult season to photograph. And that could be because of the difficulty with light, shadows and reflections in an all white landscape. But winter is a season you can get out and about and capture the magic of a winter wonderland. So if you need inspiration to get out in the cold here are 20 tips to help you get great winter photos.

How to Select Compact Digital Camera?

When shopping for a compact digital camera it is as much about dodging the mistakes you can make as it is about buying the right camera for you. If you do not have all the information you need to buy a compact digital camera you can make any number of mistakes when out shopping.

What is a histogram good for?

Do you know what a histogram is good for? Unfortunately the histogram is something a camera's manual does not give a good description about. It is a tool for evaluating the exposure of your photos and to help you adjust you lighting levels for better results.

How to select D-SLR digital camera?

The first thing to think about when you want to buy a digital SLR camera is what types of photos you want to take.

How to clean photo lenses

Dirty lenses cause flair and unsightly effects on your photos. So how do you clean your photo lenses? The best thing is to keep them clean in the first place.

How to work with digital camera aperture?

So what is aperture – you may ask? Most of the technical specification for a digital camera begin with the aperture – minimum and maximum aperture. So what is it? What range do you need? What does aperture have to do with choosing a digital camera?

How to take photos of flying birds?

There is an art to photographing birds and as you become more experienced taking photos of birds in flight you will get better and better bird photos.

30 tips for taking people photos

People and pets are the most photographed and popular subjects. Whether it is taking people photos or photos of people with their pets, here are 30 tips for taking people photos to instantly improve your results.

How to take action sports photography

Action sports shots have told of victories and losses, and captivated people across the world in a single photo.

How to create your own photo gallery

The World Wide Web has given photographers a whole new way of showcasing the beauty of their artwork with the use of online photo galleries. Having your work visible on the Internet can pay off well for professional photographers when attracting new clients.