Nikon presents the Lovely New compacts - Coolpix S1100pj and S5100

It seems that Nikon is finally ready to unveil the successor to the first compact with a built projector that the world has ever seen and not a moment to soon because we have been waiting for it for a year now and it is time to see if it was worth it. Let’s begin by saying that this new model has the same stabilized 28-140mm lens as did the S1000pj and it also has a 14.2MP sensor but this where the differences start to show because now you have a resolution of 460K dot 3.0 LCD.

Those that are familiar with the predecessor will notice that not only has the technology improved but also the body which has been modified to offer a better usage for consumers. As far as the projector goes, this too has been improved and it can now offer great brightness, image size and throw distance.

The second model, the S5100 compact 12.2 MP image stabilizer that can zoom in 5x and it also offers HD video recording and easy browsing options on the 2.7 LCD.

What’s new on Nikon Coolpix S1100pj

You might remember the Nikon S1000pj as a pioneer which won various awards for the  way it changed the way we see photography. Now, we see its successor, the COOLPIX S1100pj that promises to redefine the way you not only take your pictures but also how you share them or present them. At the end of the day, picture quality matters a lot, and Nikon knows that and so this was improved with the new model but they didn’t forget to add better and easier ways to connect to your computer and share your work directly or by uploading it on the internet.

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj

The Coolpix S5100 is the other model presented by Nikon which features four different technologies for shooting at night, vibration reduction, high sensitivity with low noise that can reach ISO 3200, enhanced motion detection and an improved flash control.

The lenses are the same for both models and these are Nikon EXPEED C2 digital image processing and you can be sure they offer the best Nikon features that will guarantee for the best quality your images can have.

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj – digital camera with projector

The reason that the S1000pj was so popular was because it was the first camera that had a built in projector that made image viewing much easier without ever having to transfer anything viewing the LCD screen. The Coolpix S1100pj comes to revolutionize the industry once more and offer better ways to share our photos. This new model has a projector that is 40% brighter and so it can offer the ability to shoot in light rich environments and even against a very light surface. To share and download your photos, it can be easily linked to a PC and also a Mac and you can start sharing your captured memories with everybody.

As Nikon has already made us expect from all their releases, the S1100pj is not your typical camera but it offers a great number of features which are made possible with the help of the 14.1 MP sensor, the wide angle 5x zoom NIKKOR lens, and the 3.0 inch touch screen LCD monitor with a resolution of 460K dot that makes this model more than just a fancy new toy. By a simple flick of a button, you can select Easy Auto mode that will let the camera do all the work while you focus on shooting the picture you desire. It will automatically choose from all the settings and from the five different functions that are made to reduce blur. This can also be done manual if you choose to take care of every last detail yourself.

Nikon Coolpix S5100

The Coolpix S5100 is the other new model that Nikon presented and it is said to change the way we take pictures in lighting conditions that are not quite ideal. It has 12.2 MP and it offers easy to use functions in almost any condition, especially in low light conditions. The camera is indeed a masterpiece and it may some time feel like it is alive. For example, it can detect if it is held on a tripod or if you hold in your hands and it will automatically select the ideal settings to reduce image blur thanks to the lens shift type VR.

Nikon Coolpix S5100

Nikon Coolpix S5100

When shooting at night, you will notice the excellent flash control system that will make for your photos to be crisp everytime. The EXPEED C2 processing system will make sure that you never get less than perfect shots in all situations, even if you are on the move. You can easily change from photo to video by pressing a button and you are ready to record in Full HD in a 720p quality. The case is quite thick and it only measures 21.6 mm so it won’t be a problem to find a place for it when you are packing to go on vacation.