Microsoft ICE: the fastest panorama photography tool

Are you a panorama photography fan? If so, you probably should know about relatively new panorama photography tool from Microsoft – fast and powerful freeware application called Microsoft Image Composite Editor, or Microsoft ICE shortly.

During the last years I have tried many and many photo editing software and special tools for creating panorama photography. Many of them are great, but the most of them has serious problems with their speed. And this is the right time for Microsoft ICE. It is very fast and easy to use application able to create panorama photos in a few seconds.

Creating panorama photography

At first, just select your photos prepared for panorama, drag them from your image organizer or file managers and drop them to the Microsoft ICE’s window. The application will start stitching the photos immediately.

The all next steps are optional. I would like to recommend the Camera motion options. Try to play with this settings, especially if your panorama photo is a little bit deformed. In my case I tried Rotating Motion mode and the panorama photo was shown together with a simple grid.

Now you should see the Projection menu. Try one of the modes offered here and change the result image using your mouse. As soon as you are satisfied with the final panorama photography, click the Apply button.

Take a look at this two panorama photos. The first was created using the automatic, the second was created with the help of Rotating Motion mode.

Microsoft ICE is able to work with very big photos and it is extremely fast. I highly recommend this tool to all panorama photography fans. For your note, take a look at the last image in this article. It was created using the Zoner Photo Studio 10. You can compare its result with Microsoft ICE.