What About The New Nikon D3200?

Nikon has been pleased to present the D3200 which doesn’t replace the popular D3100, but is rather a compliment to it and likely to appeal to both beginner and established photographers as it is more sophisticated that the D3100 while remaining easy to use.

The Newly Launched Nikon D800

Nikon has recently launched the Nikon D800, a marvellous hybrid camera that unites several of the powerful characteristics of the D4 and the body style of the popular D700 and features a high resolution 36.3MP sensor. The first batch arrived near the end of March and the D800E arrives during the month of May. This camera will set a new standard in digital photography.

The Nikon D7000: Full Comprehensive Review

Here it is, the new Nikon D7000. It is the newest camera from Nikon, a DSLR camera with a 16.2 megapixel DX image sensor. It also has Full HD video and full-time autofocus and manual exposure control. The ISO range of the camera is about 100-25600.

Your Nikon D3100 Guide: Now that it’s out there, what do you need to know about it?

The D3000 is out for quite some time now; the D3100 is the obvious replacement, so why should you buy it? As with every product, before you even consider the thought of buying it, you need to understand what you would require it, how useful that product would actually be to you and so on.

A True Ray Of Sunshine – The Nikon Speedlight SB700

Nikon has announced the new Speedlight SB 700 that promises to light up the users mind as well as the subject. Nikon is one of the leading manufactures when it comes to cameras and accessories and it is only natural to have high expectations from them. One of these accessories that Nikon was working on is the SB 700.

High Speed Shooting From Nikon – The S8100 Power!

Nikon has announced the COOLPIX S8100; the successor to the COOLPIX S8000. This new model has a 12.1 MP backside illumination CMOS sensor that gives users the best performance and unbelievable image quality in any condition, if it is low light or for high speed shooting. It is a great creation that deserves to have the Nikon emblem on it because it is fast and versatile and not only can it take crisp pictures in all sort of situations, but it can also film in HD at 1080p; and of course let’s not forget about 10x zoom that can capture subjects even when they are moving, and moving fast.

Nikon S80 – A Fashionable Addition

Nikon has presented the newest addition to the COOLPIX line up and don’t let its good looks fool you, this model is one of the leading cameras in technology. Even from what we see, we can tell that the new S80 plans on changing a few things in this industry but does so with class and style. It has a multi touch Organic LED screen, 14.1 MP, 5x zoom NIKKOR lens and it can also shoot movies in HD. The case is very stylish and is also easy to use and Nikon will guarantee for the amazing results.

The Ultimate COOLPIX – The Nikon P7000

Nikon Europe announces the launch of the new COOLPIX P7000 that promises to take photography to the new level and represent a new benchmark for Nikon but also a hard to reach mark for other producers. This high performance camera look very classic but at the same time it is quite stylish all in one easy to handle superb package.

Nikon presents the Lovely New compacts - Coolpix S1100pj and S5100

It seems that Nikon is finally ready to unveil the successor to the first compact with a built projector that the world has ever seen and not a moment to soon because we have been waiting for it for a year now and it is time to see if it was worth it. Let’s begin by saying that this new model has the same stabilized 28-140mm lens as did the S1000pj and it also has a 14.2MP sensor but this where the differences start to show because now you have a resolution of 460K dot 3.0 LCD.

Introducing The Nikon Coolpix S8000

You probably know Nikon if you were ever interested in photography at any point in your life. This manufacturer has won the hearts of amateurs and professionals alike by providing cutting age technology at an affordable price. The Nikon Coolpix S8000 is one of the cameras that bring something new to the table, and in this case it is the travel zoom camera.

Introducing Nikon D3100 a.k.a. The DSLR With Real Video Autofocus

Nikon has announced the release of the new D3100 DSLR camera that has already won the hearts of digital SLR fans but has also won over countless photographers by providing a better and clearer way to follow their passion. This camera is quite easy to use and can be considered as the affordable Nikon; and trust me, it is a true Nikon.

Your Nikon Guide: What’s So Special About The Nikon D3000

After our short Coolpix guide, it seemed quite natural to discuss about the DSLR sector from Nikon. Obviously, we cannot cover all their DSLRs with one single article, therefore I will go for each model in its own separate page – and today we shall discuss about their entry-level DSLR, the D3000.

A "Cool" Nikon Guide: A Coolpix Guide To Be More Precise

Okay, summer’s here – no doubt about it, most of us already noticed the heat and the feeling that we need to go on a vacation soon. The credit crunch made it impossible for most of us to go exactly where we would have wanted to go this summer, but hey, it’s still going to be a blast.

Nikon Coolpix S610

Nikon comes up with another model in digital cameras, Nikon Coolpix S610. It has got a 10 mega pixel camera. The zooming facility is available up to 4x. Good high resolution pictures can be obtained from this camera.