PhotoFiltre - The true filter for your photos

PhotoFiltre is freeware software to filter your photos and this software is designed by Antonio Da Cruz which is specially made just for retouching your images. With help of this software you can do simple or complex adjustments in the image and also a vast range of filters can be applied on it. This software is very easy to use for the amateur artists as it provides very easy learning curve. The toolbars contains access to large number of standard filters available that to within few clicks. It also contain feature of bug fixing while saving the resolution from EXIF to JPEG.   


Image 1 - Main Software Window

System Requirements

  • Processor compatible with Pentium, Speed greater than 600MHz (Recommended Speed: 1000MHz),
  • RAM 128MB (Recommended 256 MB),
  • Hard Drive Space of 10 MB required,
  • Monitor with resolution greater than 800 X 600 (Recommended 1024 X 768) and
  • Color Display: 15 Bit (Recommended 24 Bit).

PhotoFiltre Review

The wide range of filters available in this software allows the new users to get familiarize with the graphics world Standard adjustment function such as gamma correction, saturation, dyed, contrast, brightness are available.

Artistic filters like puzzle effects, pointillism, Indian ink, pastels, watercolor are available too. In all there are 100 filters present. The available default filter array available is quiet impressive and contains almost everything you require from any of professional imaging application. 


Image 2 - Filters Available 

When I discovered this tool I don’t know how I was missing it. If you are not technically advanced in photography editing then using this software you can complete 99 percent of your job.

The interface provided is straight forward and toolbar contains icons which are easy to recognize. You just need less time to getting familiarize with this software then working with software is real fun.  

Commands and the available menus are all according to familiar conventions so searching for menu and command is quiet simple. The batch editing and auto conversion facility is best in case where you are dealing with large numbers of images in group. Not only conversion of hundreds of images from one format to other is possible but also resizing, applying filter, brightening, and cropping is possible.  


Image 3 - Multi-File Opening and batch convert available

The only drawback is that this software does not provide provision for layers. This software is available in eleven different languages Czech, Spanish Catalan, Swedish, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English.

PhotoFiltre Features

  • Conversion of file formats,
  • Editing operation for images in batches,
  • Automatic and manual selection,
  • Editing Path selection,
  • Antialising,
  • Contains over 100 in built filters,
  • Rotating, Resizing and Cropping,
  • Masks,
  • Transparency,
  • You can UNDO unlimited times,
  • Multi image opening at same times, and
  • We can integrate text into images.

By knowing all about PhotoFiltre, it will make you think that PhotoFiltre is a magic box. You will be tempted to use this magic box. If you are really want to experience the magic of PhotoFiltre then visit and enjoy your photo filtering and editing with this application.