PhotoPlus 11: Magic Box from Serif

At its real sense, PhotoPlus11 is basically a Photoshop clone devoid of the most advanced features. The interface is more or less matching to Photoshop, considering the tool icons or even the layers pane. It allows the consumers to work with several layers. It also supports masks. Only one considerable weakness being that you can't add new toolbars. One can create and edit animation effects using layers. This is specially needed for the Web applications. There are also available at your service a number of filters to play with.

Although, the set of tools is not vast as in case of Photoshop's, but it's sufficient for retouching photos for novice and beginners. Of course web designers will definitely appreciate the tool since it allows the users to immediately view the way in which JPEG compression will affect the image quality. Even though the trial version does not allow some of the tools and filters to work, still one may comment that PhotoPlus will be efficient for intermediate Web designers and home users.

If you're first time user of PhotoPlus, you'll find it exceedingly easy to get started as compared to other such peers. PhotoPlus 11 offers a proverbial environment for photo-editing. It is a host of cooperative tutorials to get you started with photo editing just in few minutes. Moreover, if you're upgrading from a preceding version of this software, you'll be astonished at the implausible variety of new photo editing and enrichment features that this version has to offer. This sensational award-winning version offers many new and efficient editing tools to render retouching facilities.

PhotoPlus 11 is probably one of the most popular photo editors available for digital photographs, with around 1 million users in more than 180 countries all over the world. It's not only popular with experts and independent reviewers, but also has proven its worth by winning a host international accolades and awards. Its unique amalgamation of digital photographs editing power and the ease-of-use has justified its value for money.

PhotoPlus 11

System Requirements for PhotoPlus 11 

  • IBM or PENTIUM compatible PC.
  • OS Supported: XP, 2000, ME, 98SE
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 128 MB.
  • SVGA : Resolution 800 * 600, 16-bit color  

The PhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack 

The PhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack is inclusive of:

  1. PhotoPlus 11 for commanding digital photographs editing and
  2. AlbumPlus 4 for supple image organization and recovery

The additional feature is AlbumPlus 4 that comes free with the order of PhotoPlus 11. Whenever one desires to acquire maximum from one’s scanner or digital camera or one’s mobile phone images, AlbumPlus 4 is the solution. It is best for organizing, enhancing and sharing your digital photos. All of these processes are in one easy-to-use familiar-interface. It will help user to manage one’s growing digital photo collection and efficiently share it over the web. The user really starts benefiting from the several benefits that digital photography ahs to offer. A handy calendar view is available which enables the user to see easily the dates when the pictures were taken. It also allows image rating and tagging. It offers a comprehensive collection of sharing options. It renders variety of printing templates, fantastic slideshows along with animated screensavers. It is one application you’ll need at each step of managing and dealing with digital photographs with ease and efficiency.

The PhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack now includes a significantly enhanced and easy-to-use friendly interface. It features the QuickFix Studio that enables one to make numerous changes to your images simultaneously. It offers easier editing and better with fast results, and a host of other exciting new features as well. 

PhotoPlus 11

Salient features of the PhotoPlus 11 Studio Pack


The QuickFix Studio

The QuickFix Studio is a brilliant feature that brings repeatedly used picture editing and correction tools together in one place so as to facilitate variety of easy adjustments to the photos at a same time. Be it fixing of the red-eye defect or changing the lighting effects and color saturation, cropping the image, sharpening it, or even straightening of images. All these options are available within a single easy-to-use window. Instantaneously this feature has enhanced the user interface for image-editing and made it far easier.

Red Eye Removal

In just single click of the mouse one can accurately and quickly fix the commonly faced red eye defect that is frequently associated with use of flash in digital photography. This has totally abolished the need to put up with the scary red eyes in the photos, all you need is to select the Red-Eye Removal tool available in PhotoPlus 11, click on the affected area and the software will instantly resurrect the difficulty for you, in just one click!

Straightening the Images

This is a special tool for non professionals who are unable to click exactly straight horizons. At times do your tall buildings appear to be tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, do not worry, you have solution at your finger tips! The astonishing Straighten tool available in PhotoPlus 11 enables you to draw a line along either the horizontal or the vertical plane on the image. This line is used by PhotoPlus 11 as a reference from which you can automatically rotate and straighten the tilted image. Now take any kind of wonky photos without any worry.

Other Photographic Effects

PhotoPlus supports a lot of Photographic Filter Effects, including Lens Vignetting, Lens Distortion, Chromatic Aberration Remover, Lens Filter and Lens Distortion and adjusting the Depth of Field Blur.

Crop to actual Print Sizes

This software allows you to crop images to actual printing sizes and thus removes the guesswork out of printing jobs of selected photographs. It allows cropping images to general photographic paper sizes. It even allows the user to specify one’s own Custom size in either inches or centimeters.

PhotoPlus 11

Other important features supported

  • Image Adjustments
  • Scratch Remover & Cloning
  • Shadows, Highlights & Midtones
  •  Macros and Batch Processing