PhotoScan by Google: use your phone to scan paper photos

Google comes with a new application for the photo fans. The new PhotoScan app will scan your photos using your mobile phone or tablet. You don't need a flat-bed scanner and all the things around it. Just aim your phone to the paper photo on your table and take five photos of it.

PhotoScan seems to be a great application I searched for. It work similar like Google Camera. Just shot one photo of whole photography on your desk. Then move your phone to automatically shot for details of the photo in its corners. The result will be prepared to the app cache and then stored to your phone or tablet photo storage.

Google PhotoScan

Check the video from Google where they show up how to PhotoScan works:


The result quality isn't something breathtaking. The app should support Android starting the 5.0 version but doesn't work with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. So I used it on my iPad Pro. It works like a classic iPhone app scaled for tablet display.

There are three photos taken on a shiny table with a bulb taken on. All photos are saved as 1999 x 1332 px. There is a big detail loss. For example, the texts are hard to read on the result photos. However, it is a first version of this app so we will see if and how the future version will improve.

PhotoScan results PhotoScan results PhotoScan results