PhotoZoom Pro 2 – King of Enlarging Digital Images

PhotoZoom Pro 2 is a new service using which you can easily zoom your Picture in and out and it won’t make your picture look fade when you completely zoom in. You can also remove print outs of your photograph even after zooming it in. PhotoZoom Pro 2 will be a great help for Professionals because they will good Quality Pictures. PhotoZoom Pro 2 Is a program that enlarges image resolutions with the least quality loss.
PhotoZoom Pro 2 is the new brilliant software used for clear view of photos and extending digital pictures which is made especially for Picture processing professionals. This software also suits people who work in space technology, Industry, security in police field, photographers and many other fields and this software be can also used for medical applications, large printing or and for many other purposes.

Features of PhotoZoom Pro 2

  • Used S-Spline and S-Spline XL to introduce a revolutionary breakthrough in digital image enlargement,
  • A Powerful user friendly interface,
  • Advanced Batch conversion Tool,
  • Supports High End picture formats like 48 & 64 bit images,
  • 40% faster image processing that PhotoZoom Pro – Previous Version,
  • Supports advanced Crop tool
  • Fully compatible with Windows Vista,
  • It Works as standalone application and works as Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in as well.
I was regularly increase file size and not happy with the job that Photoshop does then my friend had suggested me to check out Photo Zoom Pro 2. I downloaded the trial version and then I come to know this is what I wanted. After two day’s testing, I am convinced that this is better than any method found in my previous application. I was able to create a better image in PhotoZoom Pro 2 than Photoshop.

Batch Processing

With batch processing feature, it is possible to resize, to add Effects, and pixel size, Print size the multiple images at the same time. Select the New Batch button, the batch session will appear at the bottom of the screen, and add all your images to batch and work with all images into single batch.

Cropping a Photo

A picture can be cropped directly as part of the process in PhotoZoom. This is useful to diminish the processed pixels to the ones you would actually need. I personally would prefer to enter desired crop size via keyboard. The selection doesn’t become a crop until the respective button is pushed.
The main drawback of this application is that it saves watermarked images until you enter an unlock code, and code will be receive upon buying this software.
This application is available for both windows and Mac OS X users. The latest version of PhotoZoom Pro 2 can be downloaded from BenVista  and check whether a newer version is available from within the software.