See The World Different Through The New PowerShot SX30IS Superzoom

Finally it is here, a new model from Canon to make photography much easier but keep the same level of entertainment while shooting. The new PowerShot SX30 IS superzoom digital compact has a 24-840mm wide angle 35x zoom lens and a slightly larger LCD than its predecessor that now measures 2.7 inch. It has Ultrasonic and Voice Coil motors that guarantee for much faster zooming and focusing.

The PowerShot SX30 IS is a pioneer that redefines the way we see photography and the superzoom makes it possible for crisp pictures to be taken at long distances. The technologies used to produce this one of a kind model are really cutting edge and it is only normal to expect nothing but the best from the SX30 IS. It is considered by professionals to be an all-in-one camera as it has everything you might ever need in a good looking case that is very easy to use.

PowerShot SX30IS Superzoom

The camera has a 14.1 MP sensor that can generate A2+ size prints with great details. The 35x optical zoom lens is something very new and interesting and can be used to capture a whole new range of images without having to worry about less than perfect image quality. The focal range can extend from 24mm to 840mm thus being able to capture very wide angle image in all conditions.

It is well know that a lens of such a big zooming power might be a challenge for users in conditions that have low light but the PowerShot SX30 IS has been equipped with a very effective Image Stabilizer; Canon states that this is the most effective IS ever placed in a compact camera and the if offers 4.5 stops of compensation. This will make shooting possible without using a tripod and still getting perfect images with minimum blur even when shooting in long zoom.

Canon PowerShot SX30IS Superzoom

Canon PowerShot SX30IS Superzoom

This camera is really a work of art and it presents new functions like the Zoom Framing Assist that helps photographers when shooting with long zoom by focusing on a distant subject or a moving one.

Canon PowerShot SX30IS Superzoom picture quality

Don’t think that this camera is just great at taking pictures, when Canon say that the PowerShot SX30 IS can do everything, they mean that it can do everything. Filming in 720p HD is of course possible along with stereo sound and full optical zoom. Users can easily switch from taking pictures to filming by a simple press of a button and the Dynamic IS mode is always ready to minimize camera shake when filming on the run. The focus as well as the exposure can be locked or adjusted depending on the requirements of the terrain and the results wanted.

When filming, the Smart Auto mode can detect 21 different scene types and will automatically set the settings to get the best exposure giving an added importance to faces and boosting bright colors. Once you are done filming, you can sit back and see what you have created by simply connecting the camera to a HDTV from the HDMI-mini port.

It can easily be seen that Canon has spared no expense when creating the PowerShot SX30 IS and that it is designed without any compromise for quality, flexibility and creativity. The LCD has a 230.000 dot resolution and offers the best flexibility available in every type of scene no matter the zoom.

All photographers enjoy sharing their work with their loved ones and friends and here is where the SX30 IS proves to be very efficient. It can support SDHC and SDXC memory cards and it also has a Eye-Fi section that guarantees for easy and fast transfer.