Sepia Effect and Film Grain Effect in Picasa

Sepia effect and Film grain effect are two popular effects in Picasa. These effects can be used to change the nature of the image taken. Sepia effect actually adds a brown tone to the image. Thus, the image looks like an aged one. You can easily implement sepia effect by using Google’s Picasa, which is a freeware. The Film grain effect transforms the image into a movie image with grains.

In order to use any of the effects, launch Picasa in your desktop. Wait for the images in your computer to load on Picasa. Then browse for the image for which the effect is to be applied. Select it by double clicking on the image. The image will be opened in a new window along with the editor on the left side. It is shown below.

Now, select the Effects option from the left side of the window. Different types of effects will be listed under it. We are going to try two effects, Sepia effect and Film grain effect. Click on the Sepia effect. Now, the image will get an aged look. You can save the edited image now. In order to save the image, select the ‘Save as’ option from the drop down menu in the file option at the top.

If you want to apply the Film grain effect to an image, select the image from Picasa. Select the effects option from the left side. From the list of effects, select the Film grain option. The effect will be added to the image. Now, you can save the image.

The original image, sepia effect added image and film grain effect added image are shown below.