Soft Focus in Picasa

If you want to focus any particular object in a picture then you can use the Soft focus feature provided in Picasa. Other objects or surroundings around the main object can be seen in the faded form. Thus more importance can be given to the object under consideration.

In order to use this feature on the image, launch Picasa in your desktop. Once Picasa is loaded, all the image files in your computer will be automatically loaded in to Picasa. After that, select the image to be edited. Double click on the image to open it in the editor window.

There will be a number of editing options in the left side of the window. You have to select the ‘Effects’ open from the left side of the window. Different types of effects will be listed under that, as shown below.

Select the soft focus option provided in it. Now, a cross hair will appear above the image. Place the cross hair on the object under consideration. Below the Soft focus effect you can see two options. They are size and amount. These two quantities can be varied to get the desired effect. When the size is increased the area of the soft focus region increases in a circular manner. When the level of the amount is increased then the concentration of the soft focus increases.

After setting these variable parameters, click on the Apply option in the left side. Image can be saved by either pressing ‘Ctrl+S’ or by making a right click on the image and then select the save option from the drop down menu.

You can see the difference between the unedited picture and the edited picture in the image given below.