The Ultimate COOLPIX – The Nikon P7000

Nikon Europe announces the launch of the new COOLPIX P7000 that promises to take photography to the new level and represent a new benchmark for Nikon but also a hard to reach mark for other producers. This high performance camera look very classic but at the same time it is quite stylish all in one easy to handle superb package.

The image quality is what makes or breaks a camera and in this case, Nikon can truly say the image quality is something perfect. It is provided with the help of the wide angle 7.1x zoom NIKKOR lens that gives a range of 28mm to 200mm or 35 mm format equivalent. Other features are optical Vibration Reduction, two ED glass elements and of course the new EXPEED C2 image processing engine perfectly adapted to this model by Nikon.

The great 10.1 effective megapixel 1/1.7 inch CCD sensor will always guarantee for superb pictures even in low light. The results can easily be viewed on the 3.0 inch high resolution LCD and the quality will be quickly noticed.

There are many producers that state their camera is the best and that if offers the best quality images but Nikon with the ultimate COOLPIX, the P7000, can easily say it offers the best image quality available without exaggerating one bit. Only the latest technology was used to make this model the best in its class and maybe even in the whole school. The superb EXPEED C2 image processing system was improved to get these great results even in low light conditions.

Nikon Coolpix P7000

Nikon Coolpix P7000

The P7000 has 7.1x zoom NIKKOR lens with two ED glass elements that reduces chromatic aberration and it also has a built in ND filter.

Nikon Coolpix P7000 sensitivity

Let’s talk a bit about sensitivity. Here is where the P7000 gets noticed again with a wide range that measures from 100 to 3200 and can reach Hi 1 which is the equivalent of ISO 6400. For shooting in low light, the night mode will make sure you get great results and the Noise Reduction adjustment function makes it possible for users to control the noise impact on the pictures they take.

For those that don’t really enjoy playing with the settings to get the results they want, D-Lighting automatically sets the options to the best settings to get images that look as natural as possible. The COOLPIX also comes equipped with an in camera Picture Control that resembles the one found in Nikon SLR range, and it can be used by the user to control the camera processing to get the desired results.

HD movies with Nikon Coolpix P7000

You may sometimes feel the need to film something instead of just taking pictures. Here, the P7000 gets noticed again as being one of the best in the field. It can record HD 720p movies with stereo sound thanks to the built in microphone or with another one that can easily be plugged in the corresponding jack slot.

The big 3.0 inch LCD display offers 100% sRGB color space that will make the pictures and the movies look even better; you will lose hours and hours just looking at them and admiring the perfect quality. Once you are done admiring, you can share your creations by simply connecting the camera to a HDTV.

The COOLPIX P7000 is very easy to use even by those that prefer to have control over every aspect when taking pictures or filming. The button layout is similar to that of a Nikon DSLR camera and provides some features that used to only be found in that class; things like Command dial and AE-L/AF-L.

The bottom line is that Nikon has managed to create the best camera that not only succeeds those in its class but goes further than that offering the best image quality available on the market today.