Differences between Automatic and Semi-Automatic Camera Modes

Most photographers start off by learning a few things about their cameras. I remember when I first got my digital camera that I was rather curious of each setting – I was setting white balance to its weirdest numbers on manual mode just to see how the picture would turn out.

Describing the 4:3 digital camera standard

All photography geeks have heard some rumors about the 4:3 digital camera standard, and frankly, we’re all curious to see the result. Nevertheless, until we shall se what will come out of these rumors; let us fill our knowledge with more information in regards to this particular subject.

When Are Lens Hoods Truly Useful?

I have seen this question numerous times on the internet and at some points in my early days in photography, I have wondered about the very same thing. The issue at stake is that some people put too much importance on issues regarding lens hoods, while other dismiss them, therefore it is rather difficult to tell when it’s a good idea to wear it and when it is not thanks to that much lack of interest. Nevertheless, within this article, we shall discuss this particular problem, and more precisely when are the times when you should not use a lens hood due to practical issues.

Understanding Polarizer Lens Filter: What is a polarizer good for after all?

Any photographer knows to some degree the importance of using lens filters – even if we are discussing about a typical UV filter (which most people use to protect their lenses, rather than for any other real purpose) or something more complicated and complex like a polarizer or ND filter.

CopyTrans Photo: manage fullres photos without iTunes

Do you own an iPod? Are you using Windows operating system? Well, there are not too many options with which you can upload your photos, music and other data to your iPod device especially if you don’t like the iTunes library. However, one solution exists at least.

Street photography: tips and tricks

For some people, street photography seems something very simple and very friendly, at least in the beginning. If you have no high hopes in regards to your street photography skills, than easy is the right word for it, true.

Adobe Camera Raw 5.4: useful tool for Photoshop

The last week Adobe released the new RC version of their Photoshop plugin for working with RAW format from digital cameras. If you have a new digital camera and would like to take photos using the RAW format, I highly recommend to upgrade. The Camera Raw is free.

Understanding RAW to its Core

What is the RAW format good for, what can one get out of it? Photographers using D-SLR camera might have noticed that the difference between film camera and digital camera is not that great after all. Even if the actual progress seems huge, I will point out that the two are mostly identical.

How to Select Compact Digital Camera?

When shopping for a compact digital camera it is as much about dodging the mistakes you can make as it is about buying the right camera for you. If you do not have all the information you need to buy a compact digital camera you can make any number of mistakes when out shopping.

What is a histogram good for?

Do you know what a histogram is good for? Unfortunately the histogram is something a camera's manual does not give a good description about. It is a tool for evaluating the exposure of your photos and to help you adjust you lighting levels for better results.

How to adjust photo colors using Adobe Photoshop CS4

There is a lot of tutorials describing how to use the image editors to adjust the colors of your photos. Many editors and organizer including my favorite Windows Live Photogallery are able to do it with just one click. If you have the newest Adobe Photoshop CS4, I highly recommend to try its new function Vibrance Adjustment.

How to select D-SLR digital camera?

The first thing to think about when you want to buy a digital SLR camera is what types of photos you want to take.

How to clean photo lenses

Dirty lenses cause flair and unsightly effects on your photos. So how do you clean your photo lenses? The best thing is to keep them clean in the first place.

How to work with digital camera aperture?

So what is aperture – you may ask? Most of the technical specification for a digital camera begin with the aperture – minimum and maximum aperture. So what is it? What range do you need? What does aperture have to do with choosing a digital camera?

How to take photos of flying birds?

There is an art to photographing birds and as you become more experienced taking photos of birds in flight you will get better and better bird photos.