Cameras and equipment

The photographer couldn't live without the camera. Although we specialize to tips for taking and editing photos, we occasionally test the new cameras and the photographic equipment. Our experience could be find here, in the Digital cameras and equipment section.

Canon PowerShot G7

Canon PowerShot G7 has got high end features. It has got a solid, compact body and has also got external flash capabilities. It is actually the successor of Canon’s previous G6 model. The camera has got an effective pixel of 10 Megapixels.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX36

Panasonic comes with a new model in digital cameras, LUMIX DMC-FX36. The speciality of this camera is its lens system, by the use of which it is possible to create a 25 mm wide angle lens. The camera is also provided with 5x digital zoom (4x digital zoom, 7.2 extra optical at 2Mpix).

Nikon Coolpix S610

Nikon comes up with another model in digital cameras, Nikon Coolpix S610. It has got a 10 mega pixel camera. The zooming facility is available up to 4x. Good high resolution pictures can be obtained from this camera.

Cyber-shot T500 review

Sony comes with yet another model in cameras. This time it is Cyber-shot T500. The important and attractive feature of this camera is its high definition video recording. The Cyber-shot T500 is a 10 Mega pixel one and has got dual photo and still image capture facility while video recording.

Monopods, Bipods, Tripods

Monopod is pole which is used to support the cameras and video cameras; it is also termed as unipod. As it supports the camera it helps the photographer to hold the camera steadily which allows the photographer to take better images with longer focal length lenses even at a slower shutter speed.

SLR Cameras

The term SLR stands for SINGLE LENS REFLEX. The cameras which uses single lens for viewing and taking pictures is known as SLR CAMERAS. The light from lens up into a prism for viewing is directed by a mirror in the body, just before an exposure is made the light flips out of the way. The two common examples of SLR CAMERAS are:

Review of Sony Cybershot DSC-T300

Definitely, the Cybershot DSC-T300 has to be the next generation camera belonging to the family of ultra compact, touch-screen cameras, a creation of electronics mega company Sony. It has been possible for Sony stuff a 5 X of zoom into the slim line body just because it is built in the region of a minuscule 1/2.3" sensor. Thus avoiding it to have protruded outside its limits. It is a great package to have accommodated the latest functions and special modes. The highlighted feature being that of the16:9 facet screen touch that is wide-spread over the reverse side of its body. Definitely, it will give users freedom from supremacy of four way control panels, and all excess buttons that otherwise distracted the beauty of the cover or the body of cameras. 

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 review

In the ever increasingly crammed compacted camera market, all the companies are frequently coming up with latest models with higher technological applications and Panasonic's Lumix range is obviously worth consideration in the race! Being a 10-megapixel compact point-and-shoot camera, it has really lived up to the expectations of the market.

Olympus E-420

As slimming down of cameras continue, yet another baby digital SLR is launched by Olympus. This newly launched baby DSLR is a 10 MP camera, called as E420 and comes along with a compact lens. This combo of the minuscule DSLR and the 25 mm f 2.8 lenses is pocket sized and easy to carry. Thus it is a great combination of Power and output performance of a DSLR and extreme portability. It not only offers heavyweight technology but also retains features like LCD’s. It is merely 13.4 ounces i.e. 380 grams in weight, making it 20 to 40% lighter than its competitors.

What are the differences between memory cards?

If you were asked a question that, “What type of hard disk do your computer use?” You will be answerless. You have never thought of the same. Also one question comes to your mind what’s the need to know the type. Following article will answer your question, and also make the difference clear. Currently in market there are in all 12 different types of memory cards available in market. They are as follows: