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The photographer couldn't live without the camera. Although we specialize to tips for taking and editing photos, we occasionally test the new cameras and the photographic equipment. Our experience could be find here, in the Digital cameras and equipment section.

Nikon presents the Lovely New compacts - Coolpix S1100pj and S5100

It seems that Nikon is finally ready to unveil the successor to the first compact with a built projector that the world has ever seen and not a moment to soon because we have been waiting for it for a year now and it is time to see if it was worth it. Let’s begin by saying that this new model has the same stabilized 28-140mm lens as did the S1000pj and it also has a 14.2MP sensor but this where the differences start to show because now you have a resolution of 460K dot 3.0 LCD.

Two new DSLR releases from Sony: The A560 and the A580

The A560 and the A580 are the two models that Sony plans on using to add to the already rich consumer-level DSLR range. Both cameras are able to record in Full HD 1080p and they also feature Sony’s two-mode live view system which you can select to use AF or manual by a simple switch.

Introducing The Nikon Coolpix S8000

You probably know Nikon if you were ever interested in photography at any point in your life. This manufacturer has won the hearts of amateurs and professionals alike by providing cutting age technology at an affordable price. The Nikon Coolpix S8000 is one of the cameras that bring something new to the table, and in this case it is the travel zoom camera.

A New Surprise From Canon: The 8-15mm Fisheye

Therefore, Canon has announced a new zoom lens which is the EF 8-15 and is actually the first fish eye lens that can offer both circular and full frame images. Canon is a well- known name in this industry and such cameras and lens are used by both amateurs and professionals because they offer a great range of models such are suiting for almost any occasion.

Canon EOS 60D: Your Window Towards Creativity

The Canon EOS 50D was replaced by the new EOS 60D DSLR. The EOS 60D DSLR offers new functions by implementing the top technology. Many think this is an upgrade of the EOS 50D but it seems it’s a whole new experience. This camera is designed for those who want to take their creativity to new levels and want to obtain the most realistic images. The new performance level allows capturing the most detailed photographs and Full High Definition (HD) videos.

Sigma APO 70-200mm F2.8: Technology Update in Telephoto Zoom Lens

Today we are going to talk about the large aperture telephoto zoom lens that incorporates Sigma’s original Optical Stabilizer function. We will try not to get too technical this type and just mention a few things that this gadget can do and we will start by saying that it measures 70mm to 200mm and it can offer a constant F2.8. The optical stabilizer is great and it offers speeds 4 stops slower. The difference can be seen very quickly and it makes shooting easy all types of photography and this of course includes portraits and sports.

The Nikon Lenses Round-Up: The 85mm f1.4, the 24-120mm f4 and the 28-300 VR

In case you didn’t get it from the title, today we are going to talk about lenses. These are not just any lenses but the latest thing offered by Nikon as a sweet addition to your DSLR. All three lenses are compatible to Nikon FX format digital SLR cameras and promise to offers superior image quality as well as performance.

Introducing Nikon D3100 a.k.a. The DSLR With Real Video Autofocus

Nikon has announced the release of the new D3100 DSLR camera that has already won the hearts of digital SLR fans but has also won over countless photographers by providing a better and clearer way to follow their passion. This camera is quite easy to use and can be considered as the affordable Nikon; and trust me, it is a true Nikon.

Your Nikon Guide: What’s So Special About The Nikon D3000

After our short Coolpix guide, it seemed quite natural to discuss about the DSLR sector from Nikon. Obviously, we cannot cover all their DSLRs with one single article, therefore I will go for each model in its own separate page – and today we shall discuss about their entry-level DSLR, the D3000.

A "Cool" Nikon Guide: A Coolpix Guide To Be More Precise

Okay, summer’s here – no doubt about it, most of us already noticed the heat and the feeling that we need to go on a vacation soon. The credit crunch made it impossible for most of us to go exactly where we would have wanted to go this summer, but hey, it’s still going to be a blast.

Is Your DSLR Too Bulky At Times? Consider Something Lighter!

Are you tired of slinging you DSLR camera over your shoulder? Does it get in the way when your in a crowded space? Find it difficult to get quick access to get the perfect shot? Maybe its time for a change!

How Many Megapixels Do I Need?

Whenever I discuss about digital cameras, and what cameras should one pick, I stumble upon this particular question – how many megapixels does one need. For one reason or another, there is a constant craving for higher numbers – many people use 10MP cameras, and have no use for about 50% of those megapixels.

D-SLR and EVF differences

As a photographer, I have often considered very important for the equipment to fit the photographer’s need. For example, I find it more important for one to find the best tool for his needs, rather than the most expensive, most branded and most popular object on the market. You see, one can become an excellent photographer with a lower quality camera because at the right point, the photographer will realize that the technical limitations are setting him back. As long as you have a lot more to learn about photography, about your tools and how they work, there is no need to go for the expensive stuff.

PhaseOne P40+ medium format system

The internet has been filled with news in regards to the new PhaseOne P40+ medium format system just a few weeks ago, however, it shall take a while until we shall receive some on-hand reviews since this particular system cannot be used by just any photography enthusiast.

Describing the 4:3 digital camera standard

All photography geeks have heard some rumors about the 4:3 digital camera standard, and frankly, we’re all curious to see the result. Nevertheless, until we shall se what will come out of these rumors; let us fill our knowledge with more information in regards to this particular subject.