DisplayFusion 2.0 - The Paramount Wallpaper and Window Management Designer

I was really wondered when I got the new version of the DisplayFusion 2.0. The name of the new version is DisplayFusion 2.0. It is such type of software that is designed to supervise multi-screen system i.e. dual/triple and even more with total comfort. The vital areas in this particular software are Window Management and Wallpapers. This software helps to lay down wallpaper that can be solid color/a picture. This can be for apiece monitor one by one as well as for which covers athwart all the monitors.

DisplayFusion 2.0

Image 1: Welcome Screen

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/2003/ XP/Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0
  • DisplayFusion works best with multiple screens but can work with one as well.
  • RAM of 128 MB ( Recommended is 256 MB)
  • Processor Speed should be Greater than 800 MHz
  • IE 6.0 or further.

Features of DisplayFusion 2

Special Desktop wallpaper can be lay down on the apiece monitor which can be solid color/a picture.
A desktop wallpaper need to be set that really spans all the monitors that can be again solid color /a picture.
Put the desktop wallpaper on the timer.
Control relevance windows with copious hotkeys.
Windows can be moved to the next monitor.
Windows can be maximized.
Windows can be moved to the centre of the screen.
Windows can be range up to 75% of the toil vicinity.
Windows can floor along the right, left, top or the bottom.
Helps to tailor own hotkeys in order to accomplish envision.
Flickr icons explore and download.
Yank the maximized windows to the other screens.

DisplayFusion 2.0
Image 2: Desktop Background Selection option

DisplayFusion is my second choice after UltraMon and this utility software has included a precise feature which I didn’t found in UltraMon. The feature I like most is the ability to search and load desktop background images from Flickr, online-photo-editor community. Wallpapers can place on timers in order to amend after passing of certain amount of the time and the incorporated Flickr thus rally round in search of latest wallpapers. Images which are to boot need to be sited to put on view the component of the copy which is used by the user. It allows me to use different Desktop wallpaper on each monitor, providing hotkeys to manage my application windows.

DisplayFusion 2.0
Image 3: Images from Flickr

Using this software one can easily perform all the need regarding wallpapers and window management. A notebook with an extra monitor attached does not help to locate wallpaper on an each monitor basis. With the help of this software one can locate different pictures of wallpaper for each and every desktop or an image can be as well stretched athwart to the desktop. Some twofold screen wallpapers can be also hitched. DisplayFusion 2 provides the far-fetched innovative functionality. The addition of the Pro version is the biggest change that can be seen.

The new released version of this DisplayFusion is stable enough, with hotkeys for moving windows between monitor screens. DisplayFusion requires the .NET framework to run. The free version is somewhat limited. The timed background changes and customizable hotkeys are not available in this free version.