Five Easy Techniques For Taking Appealing Maternity Photos

In these days of social networking, every aspect of our lives has to be documented and put out for all the world to see, or at least the segment of the world we allow to see our Facebook galleries. So it is no surprise that women who once hid themselves under maternity clothing that could double as circus tents are now sharing this aspect of their lives as well.

But just because future mommies are willing to let us in on the experience of carrying a child, does not mean that they don't want to look good while they're doing it. Lots of expecting moms are self-conscious about the extra weight they've put on, and the less-than-fashionable attire that accompanies the ordeal. With just a little planning and some basic photography techniques in hand, you can take stunning photos of your mommy-in-waiting that she will be proud to show off.

Choose the right angle

Certain camera angles are more flattering than others. You have heard the old Hollywood expression “Get my good side.” The same thing applies here. You want an angle that will flatter her figure while making an interesting composition.

Shots from above are particularly flattering in that they will make her appear to have a long, slim profile. It also adds interest since most people take family photographs from straight on. While framing your shot, try to focus on the aspects of her body that emphasize her pregnancy, like the belly, feet and breasts. The bird's eye view is an excellent angle for capturing these areas with a pleasing and flattering effect.

Use a flattering pose

Even if you cannot shoot from above, posing your model in an interesting and flattering angle can make all the difference. Again, pose her so that the profile of her tummy can be clearly seen. After all, you are documenting her pregnancy and she may want to be able to follow a progression of growth as the weeks wear on. But you still want her to look good. Posing her in an angle will also provide that slimmer profile much like shooting from above. Moreover, it follows the most important objective in maternity photography: You simply have to hide the tush! In addition, this position includes some of the curvature of her upper back which makes her look a bit slimmer.

Get daddy in the picture

If you can coax the father-to-be to join the fun, you will end up with photographs that document a budding family rather than something trying to pass as a glamor portfolio. In addition, do not just snap static poses. Encourage your subjects to interact while you keep that shutter snapping. Candid photography of two people in love joyfully expecting their new child will glow with sentimentality. What better gift to share with the child when he or she is old enough to appreciate the photos? And if you explain to the mom that capturing these moments is the primary reason for photographing the pregnancy, she will be less nervous about being seen pregnant in the pictures.

Five Easy Techniques For Taking Appealing Maternity Photosimage by Omar Franco

Get creative with your compositions

Have fun with the photo shoot. Find some interesting and creative poses, angles, and compositions. Maybe put your mom-to-be at the bottom of a slide with her arms and legs out (she does not actually have to go down the slide). Have her pose behind a department store mannequin with her belly showing from behind as if the mannequin is pregnant. Maybe she makes an angel in the snow or bury her in the sand at the beach, with only her head, hands, feet showing (and her belly, of course). The point is to find ways to emphasize the fun and excitement mom experiences anticipating the new member of her family.

Make it count

Remember that this is a project that will be enjoyed for many years to come, so be sure to take your time and do your best. You do not have to be a professional photographer to shoot a decent family portfolio, but you do want to treat it like it matters. These will be a family's memories, so treat them with respect. And you will be appreciated for doing so.

If you follow these simple techniques, you can take a set of flattering photographs, make your model mom comfortable, and produce a warm documentary of the beginning of a new life that will be admired for generations.