A Hit From Canon – The PowerShot G12

The day has arrived; Canon announced the new PoweShot G12 premium compact. This is the latest addition in the greatly appreciated award wining PowerShot G-series. Canon states that this camera is the best in its class and it seems the powerful performance that can be found in every aspect if it tells the same story.

The PowerShot G12 maintains some aspects from its predecessor like the classic handling and control but offers superior performance that can satisfy a professional but also makes it possible for an amateur to use. It offers a HS system designed by Canon as well as a 720p HD movie recoding feature and Hybrid IS on top of the already existing features thus delivering pristine image quality both in pictures and in movies.

For a better handling, it has a new Front Dial that can be used to achieve fast manual control. It is compatible with the brand new Lens Filter Adapter from Canon that can extend the lens so that user can have full coverage when using the zoom.

The real aspect that makes the PowerShot G12 a masterpiece is that it is the first G-series camera that features Canon’s HS System. Combined with the high sensitivity 10.0 MP CCD sensor and a high performance DIGIC 4 processor, makes this model great in every condition and it will be able to provide crystal clear images even in low light. This HS system will make it possible to get perfect images even at higher ISOs; now you can really say that this model can be used in every condition.

Canon PowerShot G12

Canon PowerShot G12

The big ISO range makes for great shots to be taken in imperfect lighting conditions without having to turn on the flash. Even the situation is extreme and it requires a flash to be used, the high ISO will help users illuminate the subject much better and so take better pictures. Also, higher ISOs will give users the ability to use faster shutter speeds without worrying about blur. There is the option of Auto ISO that can be used to configure the maximum ISO wanted before beginning to shoot. In dark conditions, the ISO level can reach 12800 and users have the ability to control it as well as the white balance in order to get good pictures even if the light is not really perfect.

PowerShot G12 lens & zoom

The lens is a premium 28mm wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens that is great for capturing landscapes and it can be used to bring the subject much closer during shooting. The lens is a result of Canon’s experience and it provides sharp images and highly detailed shots.

The PowerShot G12 has a 7.0cm high resolution Vari-Angle PureColor II VA LCD screen that makes shooting and playback very easy. The model also has an optical viewfinder that helps users get the desired results.

This camera is very well built and the controls are always at your fingertips. it offers Full Manual control and quite a big range of semi-automatic modes; all you have to do is see which one is the best for you. The Front Dial offers a better access to the settings while shooting and the speed that users can change these settings to get different results is really unbelievable. Depending on preferences, users can use the Front Dial or the rear Dial or a combination of the two.

Canon was sure to add the Digital Photo Professional software for the more advanced users that prefer to take RAW images and edit them after.

Another first in a G-series model is that the PowerShot G12 can shoot HD movies at 720p with stereo sound. The videos can be seen on a HDTV and controlled with a remote control.

Canon has really exceeded everyone’s expectations with the new PowerShot G12 and it proved once again why it deserves to be a top producer in this industry.