How to prepare a photo for photo gifts

It is no secret that buying gifts is sometimes hard. Occasionally, you get that gift recipient who seems like they already have everything. You could spend hours browsing online or local stores only to come up empty handed. During that time, you will be overwhelmed with stress. If you are in this position right now, stop! The perfect gift is a photo gift. Photograph gifts are ideal for close friends, family members, or someone you do not know all that well (like a school bush driver, teacher or new coworker).

What makes photo gifts the ideal choice? First, they come in a wide range of formats. You may be surprised how many items can be personalized with a photograph. You can choose from blankets, pillowcases, handbags, picture frames, mugs, clocks, doormats, and more; your options are endless. Most important of all, the gift is personalized. Whether you opt for a personal message and a photograph or just a photograph; you added an extra special touch.

Now that you know why photo gifts make great gifts for anyone you know and any occasion, continue reading on for a few helpful tips. If the photo gift is for one your child’s teachers, their bus driver or a high school friend, you have the opportunity to customize your photograph with the current year’s class. If you do not have a picture of the entire class, ask the school. Many of these pictures were used for school yearbooks and you can easily find a good one to use. Another good picture idea is an outside shot of the school. Ideal items for these photograph gifts include tote bags, mouse pads, seat cushions or coffee mugs.

If the photo gift is for a boss or a coworker, think useful. This means buying photograph gifts they can actually use around the office. Good examples include mugs, mouse pads, calendars and seat cushions. The picture can vary greatly. If you can find a picture of your boss or coworker with his or her family, use that picture. If you can find a picture of them getting an award at the office, use that picture. As a last resort, you can take a picture of the outside of your company building.

Not only do photo gifts make great gifts for friends and family, but they can also be used as corporate giveaways. Here are some tips for this approach:

  • There are a few methods of handing out these items. You can literally host a monthly giveaway where a new worker gets the chance to win a personalized photo gift each month. You can also handout these items to all coworkers on a special occasion (like Christmas or the yearly anniversary the company was founded). These items can also be given to clients as a thank you.
  • As for the gifts, it is important to think useful. Good examples include water bottles, mugs, coasters, calendars and tote bags. As for the personalization, your options are still unlimited. Since you usually get a discount for buying in bulk, you may want to opt for a photograph that can be used for all employees and clients. A good example includes items personalized with your company logo or an outside shot of the building.

In short, photo gifts are perfect for any occasion and all gift recipients too. You cannot go wrong with them; they give that extra special personal touch. Moreover, by choosing the right gift, you can ensure it will be used and not just tossed in the back of a closet.