How to take photo for a desktop wallpaper

What do you think of photography? Yes, that is the first question I need to ask throughout this article. You consider it an art, or something similar to that, then you are on the right track. You see, back in the old days, the only graphic art out there, which allowed us to picture things was painting.

Nowadays, things have changed a bit – even if we lack talent and we have no idea how to paint, we do not have the hand or the skill, we can always settle for photography. Photography is painting with your eye – understanding what makes an image excellent, and trying to fit all those elements in that particular image.

Imagination and creativity are two strong points with any photographer. Nevertheless, this introduction does not seem to be too related to the title, does it?

Well, I will explain now – your desktop wallpaper is something similar to your bed – you see it every day, and you spend most of your time around it (or on it, if you think about it). Therefore, it should be something that soothes your nerves and makes you feel better – pleases the eye in other words.

Nevertheless, finding the right desktop wallpaper is usually a task that leads nowhere, mostly because no picture out there will fit all your needs. In this case, the best thing to do is shoot your own desktop wallpaper. For a while now, I am using photographs from my personal portfolio since they actually mean something to me.

Some people prefer using pictures of their loved ones, while others (like me) prefer using pictures of landscapes or nature in general since it brings a sense of peacefulness.

So, how to find the right spot for your desktop wallpaper? Well, if you are the family type, and you like keeping photos of your loved ones on your desktop, make sure you gather all your loved and close ones in one picture and make them kindly smile to you – no silly poses, no funny faces, just as there are, with a smile on their faces.

The effect is simply unbelievable – you will feel every day as if those people from the image surround you with love and care. If instead you prefer nature on your desktop, now this may prove to be a bit tricky. Why so? First of all, because you have to go out and find the right spot, aside from finding the right spot, the weather has to be in a perfect coordination – if you like photos that contain a lot of sky, then a clear blue sky with fluffy clouds is excellent.

On the other hand, if you would like a beautiful river or a small waterfall you should find a sunny day as well since the light will lighten the whole scene, and make the water sparkle in your lens creating a beautiful effect.

Remember that regardless of your choice, you need to make your desktop wallpaper soothe and calm you, not annoy you with violent colors and images. The Zen behind it all tells us that there is more to learn from peace and quite than from violence and noise.