Creating Beautiful 360 Degree Panoramas

It is possible to create seamless 360 degree panoramas using digital images and specialized stitching programmes such as PTGui or Photoshop. Most vendors include panorama-making software in the package when you buy their cameras.  There are several steps to making excellent panoramas and it is a good idea to use expert software and equipment.

Microsoft ICE now uploads to Photosynth

About one year ago there was an article about Microsoft ICE, the fastest software for creating panorama photography. Now, I would like to refresh these information with a new article. Microsoft ICE was released in a new version which supports direct upload to Photosynth service.

Microsoft ICE: the fastest panorama photography tool

Are you a panorama photography fan? If so, you probably should know about relatively new panorama photography tool from Microsoft – fast and powerful freeware application called Microsoft Image Composite Editor, or Microsoft ICE shortly.

How to create Deep Zoom panorama?

Microsoft's developers recently launched the new version of the Deep Zoom Composer. This application is intended to prepare special photos for using in Deep Zoom applications. The new version of Deep Zoom Composer has one interesting feature - it is able to create panorama photos.

Panoramatic photo using Zoner Photo Studio

This type of photo studio is made for all the users of cameras, digital cameras, mobile devices and in scanners. From begin to end it contains all the tools, which one needs for high quality digital processing. It contains various tools such as;

Panoramatic photography

Panoramic photography is a type of photography which aims at creating images with exceptionally broad fields of view. Panoramic photography is as ancient as photography itself. Joseph Puchberger was the first one to submit recorded patents for a panoramic camera in 1843 in Austria.

How to take photographs of Panorama

In photography no art is easy, if you want to take good photographs of any subject you have to first master that art. Same is case with Panorama photography. It is not just clicking any natural scenery which looks good. But you have to take care of each and every nook and corner, from lighting to camera rotation is to taken into consideration. Described below are some of important tips that will help you for good outcome.